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A little about me.

I have been sewing and crafting for over 40 years.  Sewing, reconstructing, upcycling, recycling, crochet, beading, paper crafts, cooking, toy making, embroidery, and cross stitch are among some of my favorite crafts. 

I thrive on making one-of-a-kind items, particularly in my wardrobe.  I want to learn more about designing my own patterns, as it is very hard for me to find vintage patterns in plus sizes.  I am committed to using up my vast stash of fabric and yarn to make fashions…


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Long ongoing projects

We all have some projects "in progress" laying around, garments that we start and work on only intermittently because of our busy lives.  Over this weekend I finished not one but TWO of those "in progress" works and it is so rewarding.  For next week I have a new long sleeve floral print blouse and a new furry handbag.  

The furry handbag took longer than I care to remember.  I have to say I am quite satisfied with the handbag, made from a beige and white zebra micro-fur…


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Madly Happy Sunny Dress!

The Facts

Fabric: Mustard-y yellow upholstery fabric from stash, on sale in 2011 for $4 a meter!

Pattern:  Simplicity 2648 Amazing Fit…


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Make This Look - New Look 0393

I was inspired by New Look Pattern 0393 when Mena posted the Hillside Prairie Belted Dress on MTL . I noticed the floral motif and decided to use some floral fabric I had in my stash. While my fabric is not yellow, I thought the scale of the flowers might be similar.  I am pleased with the dress.  I just wish I would have hemmed it by hand, but I hate taking the time to sew by hand!  

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The Refashioned Stretch Velvet Top

Here's the link to my latest Sew Weekly challenge contribution: "Buttonholes"

This post includes a brief "how-to" in case you decide you'd like to try your own refashion experiment.…


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Groovy Denim Military

I had already cut this fabric when I read about the buttons challenge at Sew Weekly.…

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My latest sewing project was 2 skirt remakes. I was shocked to discover one of my very old Talbot skirts was made in Italy and decided to give it a new look. I then did the same to a skirt I had owned since 1978! - Whoa! 

Here are pics of the finished projects, but you can see the originals and read more on my blog. I'm always interested in seeing how others remake their old clothes.…


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McCall's 5913 - Black/Plaid Cape with Vintage Buttons

The fabric was something I bought on sale at Hancock's a couple of years ago for no particular reason.  The pattern is one I found at the Salvation Army, and the buttons came from the Knittn' Kitten - a Portland store that specializes in vintage sewing and needlecraft items.  The three came together for this project, and I love the end result.  I had to work particularly hard at matching the plaids along the front and shoulder seams, and it's far from perfect.  But it's wearable! Second…


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We're off to see the Wizard!

Hello lovely Sew Weekly ladies!

The Facts

Fabric: 2 metres of blue check cotton twill ($20), Blue poplin from stash

Pattern: Colette Ginger (stash)

Year: 2011

Notions: 8″ zipper and 1 metre of grosgain ribbon (stash)

Time to…


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Purple Rustles Party Dress

The Facts:

Fabric: Interesting purple fabric of unknown origin (my mom's sewing closet), slightly 'sticky' to the touch, like silk but different. Attracts cat hair like nobody's business, makes a delightful soft rustling.

Pattern: None.

Year: 2012

Notions: 7…


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Garments for others

Since the holiday season has just passed, I have been anxious to sew new things for myself.  Before the holidays, months are spent on preparing and sewing things for family and friends.   Now, I seem to be bogged down by more requests to alter this and sew that for others.  Its not that I mind doing these things but you all know how fun it is to make something for yourself.  In these recent requests and in addition to my new Colette Patterns Sewing Handbook, I have been very excited to teach…


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Look, a blog. Also known as "about me for some reason."

You can do blog posts on here! Madness. Well, then, obligatory "about me" post for anyone who is interested.

My name is Jessie. I was until recently a college student with a lifelong burning passion for playing the violin. I didn't even get to touch a violin until I was 11, much less own one at 14, but I asked for one from the time I was 4, and daydreamed about it until I got one. Went to a special music school, complete with an extra hour every day and a bus ride that started at 4:45…


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A skirt for my boots

After following The Sew Weekly for about 5 months, I'm inspired to start posting some of my own creations.  I made this bias  skirt to go with my favorite black boots.  It's made from Simplicity 6360, a pattern I picked up at the Salvation Army last spring.  The only change I made to the original pattern is I omitted the waistband and used bias tape to finish off the top. I love this skirt and will wear it often in our rainy Pacific Northwest weather!

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My First Blog Post as a Sew Weekly Contributor 2012

Here's the link:  StitchinJenny Favorite Wrap Skirt of 2011

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First project to get ready 2012!

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The First Challenge of the Year

This is my 40s coat I have made last autumn. It's the first coat I have ever made and I'm very proud of it. I used a Simplicity pattern from 1948.

Name & Location: My name is Constanze and I live in Hamburg, Germany.


How long have you been…


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