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Hey Guys,


I wanted to let you guys know about the theme for the week February 28th since -- if you decide to do it -- will require some extra time for shipping. Colette Patterns is going to be our first sponsor! We are going to be sharing our Spring palettes and we will each be making a dress from the Colette Patterns line. CP was nice enough to create a 15% discount code for Sew Weekly readers: SWSPRING  The code is case sensitive and is good for 15% off your entire order excluding shipping.


I'm sure a number of you already have a Colette Pattern in your stash, but if you don't, this would be a great time to try them out. If you are unable to buy a pattern for some reason but can't resist participating, CP has this free bloomers pattern to download:

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thanks Mena, that's really thoughtful. May give the crepe dress another whirl but I still need time to sort it because it uses 5 yards of fabric!



Thanks for the heads up!  I went ahead and ordered the Crepe pattern - so excited!

Thanks Mena for the advanced warning.. and a special thanks to Colette patterns [Sarai], for the discount.

I have the crepe pattern and am working on it now.But I will go and order  another pattern while on sale..

You know we cant resist the sales.ha  thanks, Judy

I've just ordered mine!  I think the Crepe pattern is going to be very popular ...

yes ! although I have downloaded the mini bloomers !!
They would make a great pair of shorts - but I'd have to wear opaque tights!
This is great ! I have in fact taken a week off the challenge, but this gives me plenty of time to prepare for the next. My discussion piece has been my sisters wedding, and many have suggested a colette pattern, I'm thrilled I feel like the world is working with me for once!
I might just go the bloomers - I've got to get a baby quilt finished so I might have to go participation-lite for this week. So tempting to get the crepe pattern anyroad. Cheers.
I hope they can get the  patterns I've just bought here in time .... otherwise it will be bloomers!
Think I'll just be doing the bloomers.  I doubt they'll be able to get anything here (New Zealand) in time, and the cost of international shipping plus our exchange rate is putting it at over twice what I'm willing to pay for a pattern sadly.....  :-(  (Dratted international shipping charges!  Gah!)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will get here ... or bloomers it will be!  I daren't model them though!


Anyway, on a serious note, sending all best wishes to everyone in New Zealand x

Diane, you can get Colette Patterns in the UK from - that's where mine came from although it was a Christmas present from my brother (thank you, amazon wish list - at last I get stuff I want!)


I am thinking of making the bloomers anyway, they are hysterical (or they would be on me!). Luckily the rest of you have nice figures and are less addicted to cake so you will look alot better than I would!


And finally, well said Diane, my very best wishes and thoughts to all of you in NZ as well x




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