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Hi, I want to start making as many of the challenges as I can, but not sure what the next challenge is?

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Hi Eliza, and welcome.  :-)

The next challenges are:

October 8 Western Inspired
October 15 UFO Challenge
October 22 Fall Palette
October 29 Halloween
November 5 Aprons


Have fun sewing!

 - Kat

PS the UFO challenge is about finishing something that has been languishing unfinished (UFO - Un Finished Object)

Oh, and the Fall Palette is about planning and sewing to your fall palette - the spring and fall palette challenges are something that the Colette Patterns team do every year.  The info post about their last palette challenge (spring/summer 2012) is on the Colette blog here: 

I'd also like to know what the upcoming weekly challenge is for the next several weeks.  I'm itching to make something challenging and post it!  :-)

Hi, I don't understand why the next challenge is October 8 when we are in may. Can someone explain this to me please ???

It's because it relates to last year.  Nothing new has been posted since then ...


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