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I've unpicked the zipper twice - Grrrrr!  I do not get a smooth insertion, the edges wobble like an ocean tide coming in.  Help?

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I can't tell from your post if you're just sewing with knits, or inserting a zipper into a hand-knitted project, but here are some helpful links...

Adjusting a zipper to make it knit-able.

Hand-basting might be helpful.

Have you done the "Mena Test"?AKA, is it stretchy enough that you can get away with not using a zip?

Interfacing the seam allowance is my only other idea.

If u use some binding or tape on the inside edge  first to strengthen it,  that should give a neat finish.

Yes, the Mena Test worked!  Thanks to all for your suggestions.  Now for the hem....


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