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I will be making Simplicity 5876 (a 30's bias cut dress) this week or the next, and I would like other sewer's recommendations on how to do the sleeves.  The sleeves are a circle that's cut on the bias with a hole in the middle for my arms, so they hang like flutter sleeves. I need to know the best way to hem them without the edges rolling on me.  The fabric I'm using is a crepe back satin that has about 3% spandex in it.  Also, can I use all-purpose thread or should I use fine thread?  I plan on sewing with a sharp needle.  I just want this dress to turn out well. here' a picture of the sleeve instructions:

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Hi Kelly, I checked out this pattern online and I must say I had "pattern envy" it is a beautiful dress. I would do a narrow hem as per instructions, sometimes I stitch 6mm from the edge first then press the hem over the stitching, this will act as stay stitching for the parts of the sleeve that are cut on the bias, stitch again close to folded edge then trim and fold again the 3 mm suggested and stitch, only one row of stitching shows on the correct side. It's important not to stretch the edge as you sew. It is tricky! Do you have enough fabric to cut an extra sleeve to practice on. Your other option is to do a hand rolled hem,it's much softer than a machine finish I used it for my "almost drove me dotty,dotty blouse" it took some time but was worth the effort. I found lots of tutorials on google . Good luck I look forward to seeing the finished dress .
p.s do a test run on scrap fabric for the best needle and thread options

Thanks, Michelle, for answering.  What you said to do sounds like it should work out great, but I will do a test on any extras, like you said.  The stay stitching idea makes me very happy-anything to help with not stretching the edges.  I know I could've Googled it, but I wanted to take advantage of the Sewing Circle to hear first-hand from other sewers:)  My navy sundress (on my blog) had flutter sleeves that turned out o.k., now I guess I just need to take more time with my projects to do ironing, etc. when I should. Would you believe I found this hard-to-find pattern, uncut, for just under $5...I will let you know when a post a pic of the finished product.


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