The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

Where do you go to be creative?  Are you lucky enough to have your own sewing room, or do you have to share a space with the rest of the family? Share piccies of your special space. 


upload your photo and tag it "creativespace"

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Here are a couple of photos of my creative place.  This was the nursery when the girls were babies.













ok - tell the truth. Did you clean up before you took the photos??? How do you manage to keep your working space so neat? My area is a pigsty.
Ok - I did have a quick tidy up - but it usually isn't too far from this - I can't work in a mess.  If I didn't have a partner and children my whole house would be neat & tidy!!

I have uploaded my photos - and I agree Debbie, my house would be tidy too if I lived alone!


Your room is gorgeous, and you have a very impressive selection of books, patterns and fabric - I love how it's all neat and tidy.


Isn't it fun seeing where others work? I'm really nosy so it appeals to me :0)

well, our guess bedroom is where I keep most of my crafts- sewing machine,books, crochet/knit equipament, fabric stash... but I normaly transfer the machine to the dinning table because of space constrains...

I'm lucky to have a spare room I can go in and leave everything out.  I decorated it last year and refurbished my old desk with some leatherette and super glue!  I had to glue it on in sections, weighing it down with books as I went along.   My desk was in a bit of a sorry state as it had been stored in a garage and the surface had started to peel off.  It's great now though.
Oh, I forgot to post my messy sewing room..
My space is usually he kitchen table, but I'm making plans..........
Lat night I hosted my first sewing circle, which can count as a creative space ! Witha bottle of wine and a few friends all with various projects we spent a lovely evening together. It was great just to chat and bounce ideas around. So once a month a creative space of a different kind.


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