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Well ladies, I don't know about you, but I've been following the outcomes of the A Common Thread Project and kinda wishing I could be a part of it, too!  The idea of getting something pretty in the mail from another crafty lady somewhere else in the world and then incorporating it into an outfit holds a lot of appeal.  :-)  Kind of like reinforcing that whole sewing community thing by making a garment that someone else contributed to.


So I've been thinking, and what I was thinking was - how about we do something similar via the Sewing Circle community?  What if those of us who were interested put our (virtual) hands up, and we then did a little out-of-the-hat draw and each of us sent some lace or pretty ribbon or nice buttons or similar to the person whose name we get given.  And then we can each make a garment incorporating what we receive in the mail from someone else in the circle!  Kind of like one big, happy, swapping circle of pretty sewing notions.


What do you think?  Would you be interested?  I'm happy to do the organising (i.e. collect names/addresses, do a random allocation and let everyone know who they're allocated to send something to) if people are keen.

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so ,so pretty..
How pretty. I am just finishing mine and i will post here too.

Oh Charlotte, this is gorgeous!  I bet it looks wonderful on you.  So exciting to see the lace used across the other side of the world!!  :-)


Thanks for posting this here - I did miss seeing it before!

Hi there ladies!  Is anyone still waiting for their lace and notions to arrive, or have the postal services all played nicely now?
I guess the post had it in for me - such is life. Still thoroughly enjoying seeing what everyone comes up with however.

Hi Kat


I know it's off the theme, but did you get my packet in exchange for the pattern you sent?  Would hate for that to have become lost.

No, it hasn't arrived, I'm sad to say.  :-(


Seems like the world-wide postal service isn't doing all that well at the moment as far as reliability goes, does it?!  :-/

I'll have a go at sending you another as it was really kind of you to send me a pattern.  I'll try using a bigger packet this time - the last one was a little padded envelope.  Maybe if it has a bigger packet there's less chance of it going missing.  (For the record, I sent you a spool of lilac ric-rac- wonder if someone else is having fun with it now?!). 
I agree DianeI also sent Kat you a parcel with lace as a thank you note but it didnt arrived

Hello Kat and worldly friends, I'm sad to hear so many packages have gone astray. Now I have actually used some of my notions I can hold my head up high and ask:

are we going to do this again sometime or has the experience of lost packages put people off?


If we do it again I think the high number of losses means we should stick to the small envelope route which worked very well so limiting losses, it might be a bit early to mention this but I was wondering about a worldwide Secret Santa later in the year? What do you think Kat?


Personally I just LOVED being part of this, picking the things, sending a parcel, waiting for my person to get it, seeing where my parcel came from, using notions sent from someone else.... it was fabulous.


I might feel differently if my little parcel had got lost though! What do you all think?

Hi Charolette,

  Oh Yes...I had so  much fun with the traveling notions..It was lots of fun.

    I too. am so sorry that some of the packages were lost.. That is so sad..


    I would love to do it again too. and the  Secret Santa fun.. I am definitely in......

if anyone else wants to. 

   Will post my traveling lace project here too..


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