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Well ladies, I don't know about you, but I've been following the outcomes of the A Common Thread Project and kinda wishing I could be a part of it, too!  The idea of getting something pretty in the mail from another crafty lady somewhere else in the world and then incorporating it into an outfit holds a lot of appeal.  :-)  Kind of like reinforcing that whole sewing community thing by making a garment that someone else contributed to.


So I've been thinking, and what I was thinking was - how about we do something similar via the Sewing Circle community?  What if those of us who were interested put our (virtual) hands up, and we then did a little out-of-the-hat draw and each of us sent some lace or pretty ribbon or nice buttons or similar to the person whose name we get given.  And then we can each make a garment incorporating what we receive in the mail from someone else in the circle!  Kind of like one big, happy, swapping circle of pretty sewing notions.


What do you think?  Would you be interested?  I'm happy to do the organising (i.e. collect names/addresses, do a random allocation and let everyone know who they're allocated to send something to) if people are keen.

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Yay!  I've just finished emailing you all the details of who you're sending some lace or other notions to.  What fun!  It was so exciting to see who everyone was going to be sending to (gotta love as it decided for us!) - I hope you all have fun putting your envelopes together and sending them off!  (I'm going to go and put mine together now - I am far more excited about this than I should be, hahah!)


So a recap - aim to have your envelope in the post by Sunday this week.


We'll then work towards getting photos of a creation (or two) using some of the notions up on the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle by around the 8 May (if I remember the date correctly?)  That'll give us time to get envelopes across to the other side of the world if necessary, and for a couple of weekly challenges to go by in case we can incorporate our travelling notions in our challenge creations.


Have fun!  :-)

Kat thank you so much for getting us organised.  I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone does with their "gift".


me too..

Hi Kat,

 I have a question? when we recieve our envelope.. Do we keep it a secret ,until we finish our garment and post pictures or can we contac the giver to thank them?? My envelope is on its excited..thankyou so much for organzing this.. Can't wait.. Judy

I think when we receive our envelopes we should let everyone know, so we can start finding out who sent things to who.  :-)


My envelope is all stuffed full and heading off to the post office soon!  Yay!

Oh, and if you sent me your address and haven't had an email this evening saying who you're sending things to, please let me know - I'm pretty sure I got all of you, but there's always a small fear that I may have missed someone!
My envelope is ready to go ! RUN RUN Mrs POSTMAN !!!
wow wow wow, soooo excited. I plan to get my envelope off tomorrow!!
Just closed mine up and off it goes to the mail! The upshot of all of this is that we will get REAL mail....not just adds
my envelope is all addressed and taped up, waiting for hubbie to drop it off at the post office in the morning....
Mine is ready but going in the post first thing Saturday morning :-)

Envelope is ready to go, filled with trim and treasures.  Tomorrow morning it will be sent out post-haste, although you never know with the Italian post how hasty it will arrive.


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