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Well ladies, I don't know about you, but I've been following the outcomes of the A Common Thread Project and kinda wishing I could be a part of it, too!  The idea of getting something pretty in the mail from another crafty lady somewhere else in the world and then incorporating it into an outfit holds a lot of appeal.  :-)  Kind of like reinforcing that whole sewing community thing by making a garment that someone else contributed to.


So I've been thinking, and what I was thinking was - how about we do something similar via the Sewing Circle community?  What if those of us who were interested put our (virtual) hands up, and we then did a little out-of-the-hat draw and each of us sent some lace or pretty ribbon or nice buttons or similar to the person whose name we get given.  And then we can each make a garment incorporating what we receive in the mail from someone else in the circle!  Kind of like one big, happy, swapping circle of pretty sewing notions.


What do you think?  Would you be interested?  I'm happy to do the organising (i.e. collect names/addresses, do a random allocation and let everyone know who they're allocated to send something to) if people are keen.

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Me, me, me. My hand is up!!!

This is a lovely idea, well done you, you have thought of a really good way of making it happen.


I would love that.  (hands UP) I can add some Brazilian items I bought my last trip home with some Uk item...


Should we give a symbolic monetary value...  what i want to say is that we agree the value of the packaged so its equal and fair for all the receivers... I know some of us will want to spoil each other...

Kat this is a great idea.  I too love the idea of incorporating something that has travelled from afar or that has come from someone of kindred spirits.  Count me in!!


  Sounds so interesting.. Great idea.. I would love too..However , I live in the USA [Mississippi] .So, if you had rather me not..I will understand completlely..Will not hurt my feelings at all.. I understand ,if I am too far..

Hi Judy, don't worry about where you live, we're all over the place anyway!  :-)  So we'll definitely include you!  (I figure if I'm sending something from New Zealand to the other side of the world, pretty much any other country can be included!)
Thankyou Kat, that is so sweet.. Count me in..

it's a plan, I'd love it ;0) me in please


I love it!! Consider my hand well up in the air! :)

My hand is up too, but perhaps Judy and I will swap since we are in the US…or if all in agreement we just go for the big swap and not worry about postage.


Anyway this is an awesome idea Kat. I have enjoyed following the lace and find it so interesting to see what each person has made, pretty insightful on their personalities and what they enjoy!

Thanks Cathe, great idea.. We will have fun,either way.Isn't this a fun idea.I too,have been following  the lace idea.I fun that would be..
I'd love to have a go, what a great idea! 

Yay!  Lots of lovely ladies are interested!  :-)


There have been a couple of questions raised about distance to send things and monetary value, which are both very good points.


How about we cover both at once, and set a size limit on what is sent instead?  I was thinking that we should just be sending notions (or similar small things) because of the postage issue (after all, I'm away down the bottom of the world in little ol' New Zealand, so everywhere else is kinda expensive to post to, and the girls in Australia will face much the same issue I expect!). 


So how about this: anywhere in the world can be included, but we limit what is being sent to one normal-sized envelope.  You can put whatever you want in the envelope, as long as it's suitable to be incorporated into a garment.  New, vintage, lace, ribbon, buttons, ric-rac, piping, whatever you want!  Just no bigger than one envelope.  That way, we won't all be tempted to send massive parcels of lovely things to each other, and we'll keep it realistic.  ;-)


What do you think?  Sound like a plan?


Also, for those who are keen, can you send me your address?  Then once I've done the draw, I'll give your address to the person who's sending you something and it'll be a complete mystery where your world-travelling notions are coming from until you get your envelope in the mail.  ;-)


We should also set some dates around this.  I'm thinking the following would work well, and would give us all enough time to get our goodies and make something with them.


 - Wednesday 6 April - entries end for this.  If you wanna take part, sign up and send me your address by then!

 - Sunday 10 April - your envelope of prettiness should now be winging it's way to it's new home!

 - Sunday 8 May - allowing for two weeks postal delay for the furtherest-away areas, and for time for everyone to do their own Sew Weekly challenges, lets try and have our garments done and posted about by 8 May.  (It also allows for 2-3 Sew Weekly challenge cycles, in case the themes are suitable for us to incorporate our new notions in our challenge creations.)


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