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Well ladies, I don't know about you, but I've been following the outcomes of the A Common Thread Project and kinda wishing I could be a part of it, too!  The idea of getting something pretty in the mail from another crafty lady somewhere else in the world and then incorporating it into an outfit holds a lot of appeal.  :-)  Kind of like reinforcing that whole sewing community thing by making a garment that someone else contributed to.


So I've been thinking, and what I was thinking was - how about we do something similar via the Sewing Circle community?  What if those of us who were interested put our (virtual) hands up, and we then did a little out-of-the-hat draw and each of us sent some lace or pretty ribbon or nice buttons or similar to the person whose name we get given.  And then we can each make a garment incorporating what we receive in the mail from someone else in the circle!  Kind of like one big, happy, swapping circle of pretty sewing notions.


What do you think?  Would you be interested?  I'm happy to do the organising (i.e. collect names/addresses, do a random allocation and let everyone know who they're allocated to send something to) if people are keen.

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I'm getting worried about my package not arriving... :( I hope it gets to its recipient soon.

I'm still hoping to find an envelope in my mailbox some day! 

Sadly, it's not uncommon for letters to take a month to be delivered in Rome...sometimes even our bills arrive already past due.  So I may have to be patient for some while more!

Shoot, I sent it your way that first weekend. Here's hoping it gets there soon.
I'm still waiting too and I haven't heard that my lady has got her parcel yet, either...all those public holidays at this end probably hasn't helped...the anticipation is doing my head in :-)

Hi Ladies..

 Not sure where you all are from or where you are sending or recieving your packages from..But, I sent  one to  UK  and I cant rember but it took  a little over a week.. And I mailed one to Austrailia  over  a week ago, and it still has not arrived. I am from USA.. Mississippi. [Neither of these were  traveling lace packages, just things I was mailing]..

  Hope this helps you not to worry.. I think distance,is just causing delays in mail time. Hope your all having a good evening.

Thanks ladies, that does help me feel better. Fingers crossed that the deliveries come in soon!
Thanks!  Yes it does take awhile for packages to arrive down under (Australia)...and I'm not a patient person by nature :-) ... I'm no good at surprise either
you and me both - I'm still waiting hopefully too.
A heartfelt thank you to Shannon for her lovely envelope of sweet butter yellow lace and wonderful pink and yellow dahlia flower centers--plus a couple of little vintage buttons!  I've wanted to make a yellow summer dress for some time, so now I have no choice but to get to work.  Thank you!
I am so glad it arrived and I hope you enjoy the items. It was hard to choose and I thought the flowers could be fun to play with:)
  love your package..Nothing like yellow for summer..
How is everyone going with their "travelling notions" project? i think mine has gotten itself lost, I haven't received anything yet (very sad!). So to the lovely lady who sent me something, please don't think I've been rude for not saying "thanks". Hopefully it will eventually find its way to me.


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