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Well ladies, I don't know about you, but I've been following the outcomes of the A Common Thread Project and kinda wishing I could be a part of it, too!  The idea of getting something pretty in the mail from another crafty lady somewhere else in the world and then incorporating it into an outfit holds a lot of appeal.  :-)  Kind of like reinforcing that whole sewing community thing by making a garment that someone else contributed to.


So I've been thinking, and what I was thinking was - how about we do something similar via the Sewing Circle community?  What if those of us who were interested put our (virtual) hands up, and we then did a little out-of-the-hat draw and each of us sent some lace or pretty ribbon or nice buttons or similar to the person whose name we get given.  And then we can each make a garment incorporating what we receive in the mail from someone else in the circle!  Kind of like one big, happy, swapping circle of pretty sewing notions.


What do you think?  Would you be interested?  I'm happy to do the organising (i.e. collect names/addresses, do a random allocation and let everyone know who they're allocated to send something to) if people are keen.

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I know what you mean!! I was putting mine together last night thinking, "How many buttons are a useful amount of buttons?", "What if they're not in the right colour to suit any projects the person is going to do?" (that applied to vintage coloured zips too!), "What if what I think is pretty someone else thinks is ugly?", "How much lace/ribbon is useful", "What if I'm being really stingy compared to other people"?! Over-think much? Yes indeed! My stash is relatively light on in notions - it's primarily weighed down in patterns and fabric!
I'm so glad someone else is feeling this, I was putting things together and I am now a bit worried, I'm not one for many frilly bits ect. I hope the lady who gets my envelope will enjoy in some way. ? !
I'm sure all will be loved! I think just the idea of sharing from our stash and supplementing where needed is wonderful. I'm sure the recipient of all this loveliness will be over joyed.
I agree - I'll be happy with whatever and accept in the spirit that was intended.  
They will.. but I know..I am feeling a little worried too..  I just know, I will be thrilled with what ever, and I bet everyone feels the same way..Try not to worry..

I think we all really worried about what to send as its normal as we just know a little bit of each other but this group is full of lovely ladies with big hearts and Im sure no one will be disapoittend as all the envelopes were made with love !

Indeed!  Plus it will be fun to take something we may not have picked out and, with a little creativity, turn it in to a real treasure.

Amanda, I have been doing the same thing.. So afraid..that I won't choose the right color or texture...since I know everyone is different..and this "little" envelope ..just won't hold what all I want to stick in it.ha.

   But I know. myself , I will be thrilled with whatever is sent..It will be so much fun..just seeing where it come from.. and to know that person had it in their stash.. All the questions of long did they have it, did a friend or family member give it, did they find it at a sale,will they be using some of it for a self project?/ oh so fun..

  and won't it be fun to see the garments or things that people do with them??/ I cant wait..  I put mine in the mail today..yea..

I'm nervous too, as I don't have much of a stash. :( But I think I've got a good, though modest, group of goodies. 

I'll be sending mine out tomorrow. :)
Can we do another of these in a few months? I just found the post, but I think it sounds so fun! It might give me an extra push to actually complete a weekly challenge.
Absolutely we can!  :-)
on Mimi blog she has just recieved a whole bag of lovely goodies fromher sewing friend, maybe we could do it witha weight limit?


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