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What's your secret short cut technique?



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I am trying to train myself to do it all properly, but ona pair of loose trousers that where elasticated then which pretend ties. I didn't bother with the ties as nobody will be seeing the top of my trousers !
I love using grosgrain instead of self-fabric or tailored waistbands. It works with many types of fabrics and styles. It doesn't look less professional than any other waistband and adds a nice decorative touch.
I use 'lite steam a seam' to stick down all my hems and embellishments, and here's the naughty part, if I'm short on time I just stick it down, iron it so it stays put and then I wear it!  Shameful!  I do however always come back at a later date and machine/cover stitch it down.  I'm terrible at sewing to meet deadlines and this saves me having to wear something else when I have my heart set on wearing the new item.
I'm actually not a big shortcut taker, but sometimes I wish I were! I do skip pinning sometimes on things I'm not too worried about.

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out my shortcuts, and the only thing I can come up with is "measure twice, cut once".  heh


I make muslin versions first so that I don't have to make any alterations or unpicking seams to the real thing.  That's kinda a short cut right?  :)

When ironing on interfacing, I tend to put the pattern piece on the ironing board, lay the a large piece of  interfacing on top, iron it, leave it to cool and then cut around the pattern piece afterwards. (Sure can make a mess of my ironing board if I'm not careful).

 I hate to confess here.. because  I do know better...but........ I  skip the ironing down of some seams and just go to the next step. Of course ,it would be so much easier to iron first, because I end up heading for the ironing board any way.. I just get impatient and want to finish the garment.. ooops...
I too use a rotary cutter to save time and trouble with sheers.
French seams because I am way too lazy to get the iron out, press the seams then zigzag stitch them-french seams are just to quick straight lines :)
I'm hoping to learn some good ones from this thread!
OMG me too! I love it! And I find short cuts amazing, and not naughty at all! Confess away!

I am in the process of trying to break my bad shortcut habit – as it hasn’t been working out very well for me lately! I usually just check the pattern size chart, cut out the pieces, sew it together and try it on at the end – bypassing any proper fitting/muslins during the process. It had worked okay for me but lately – no such luck and I’ve had to give away a number of things I love because they don’t fit! Am trying to be more disciplined with fitting – but I’m too impatient!


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