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What's your secret short cut technique?



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I've started being naughty and cutting corners by not pinning hems before I sew them!  Terrible I know, but it saves so much time when you're making 1950's style dresses with full skirts!  *hangs head in shame*
If I'm short on time, I use pinking shears to stop raw edges fraying inside. Ideally, I like to enclose these with a seam but I don't always get the chance ...

If the fabric allows, I will use the overlocker to do the seam and edges in the one go.  Yet another great thing about overlockers!!



I skip pinning seams and hems all the time! (unless it's an unstable fabric) And.. I rarely handstitch anything.. I can almost always find a way to make it work using only the machine.
My hem is usually thinner and only turned over once, when I can get away with it.  I also seldom use pins, but always use my iron, which saves lots of time.

I skip steps if I think I can get away with it. For instance, on the last skirt I sewed, I eliminated the buttons (put in a zipper instead) and, since the fabric was thick enough, skipped the lining. Sometimes this comes back to bite me (like when I had to start a dress over from scratch because I could get it on but couldn't get it off!) but it works a surprising amount of the time.


I love Rooibos and want to try sewing the skirt in one fabric (a navy silk print) and the top in another (to be named later). What a great contest!

I'm making the crepe dress this week, and I'm afraid to say it's.... no pockets
Looking forward to seeing it !
If the fabric is stable enough, I will skip pinning and ignore the nagging voice in my head.  I tend to do this quite often with simple side seams or hems.  I haven't had (too many) problems yet, so I will probably keep doing it as long as I continue to sew :)

Sometimes, when I'm sewing costumes for my medieval reenactment group, I'll zigzag the raw edges of the pattern pieces before I put anything together. I don't know if it actually saves time, but it fools me well enough-- it's easier to get at some of the seams that are later harder to finish, and it makes the actual construction of the garment seem so much faster and easier!


I'm almost certain there's some reason why I shouldn't do this, buuuut...

My short cut is ... not taking shortcuts! They almost always come back to bite me with lots of ripping. That said, I usually don't pin seams unless they're opposing curves or something else complicated.
Sewing buttons on with the machine whenever possible.


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