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Fast forward to December 31, 2011.......If you were to look back on 2011, what is one word you would love to say that would describe your sewing or the garments you've made over the year?




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Moving into new territory. Not only am I trying a greater variety of fabrics, but I am utilizing sewing sites (yay for the information age and broadband access) for suggestions, tutorials, and support rather than just my mothers sewing books from the sixties and seventies.  This is pretty bold technology steps for a woman of a certain age!
Full of vintage details/embellishments
I would love to say.. I stayed with the Weekly challenge..had fun with it, and made a wearable wardrobe and used up lots of my fabric stash.. But most importantly.. met some wonderful friends and enjoyed the challenge. judy
You are most of the way there already Judy! You are definitely the most friendly person on here, and so kind, I agree, I hope we stick with it, I just love it here ;0)
I'l second that.
Hi Both Charolettes..Thankyou... You are both so nice. [you don't see me when I wake up in the morning..not so nice..ha] Have a great day.. Judy
Competent and prolific seems about right. And I see a closet full of dresses! I'm still finding my way in sewing, so I don't expect complicated projects (blazers, coats). If I manage to sew garments that are washing-machine proof, I'd be happy.
one word?  how abut improved!  my sewing skills increased so much in 2010


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