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Fast forward to December 31, 2011.......If you were to look back on 2011, what is one word you would love to say that would describe your sewing or the garments you've made over the year?




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This is the very reason that I have started to make my own clothes too, although Arthur was born july 2009 !

Creative, I want to start think outside of the box and really have my sewing reflect my personal style. The Sew Weekly and Colette Patterns really seem like a jump start  for pushing myself. I am excited about a crafty 2011.

Happy Friday,


Different.  Yes, I know, not the most creative word, but for me this year is all about making things that I haven't tried before, branching out into new styles/eras/fabric choices/colours, and experimenting a bit more with both my sewing and my wardrobe!  So, 'different' to what I've typically made over the past few years, and also 'different' when you view the years worth of sewing all together - a mash-up of styles!  (Or that's the plan, anyway.  :-)


I want to make mini-wardrobes :)

much improved! in better sewing, more techniques and more finish and in use gardments  : )
These are all so inspiring!!!
Worn- I would like to be able to describe the garments I make as being good enough that I actually wear them without a hint of self-consciousness.
I love this !
I agree!
Challenging - I want to have sewn things that challenge me to learn new skills and try new techniques. I want to have challenged myself to improve my sewing and have made garments that I'm proud to wear or give away.
This is a good answer Amanda - I was soo proud to wear my first crepe dress last night to a party x
Coordinated.  I have so many things in my closet that I don't wear because I have nothing to go with it.  That's the beauty of Collette's Spring Challenge. 


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