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Fast forward to December 31, 2011.......If you were to look back on 2011, what is one word you would love to say that would describe your sewing or the garments you've made over the year?




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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, which according to Mary Poppins, means "something to say when you have nothing to say."  That is how I will be because I will be (hopefully) in awe of all the work I have accomplished over the year.  It's how I feel already :)
ACHIEVEMENT - to have actually submitted something every week in response to the weekly challenges, along with the resurrection of my sewing skills.  Result being, owning a collection of wearable unique garments.
"Better"! I want to be comfortable with more skills and techniques before the year is out.
I would love to be competent! (but I have a feeling I will actually be thinking "prolific" if I can keep it up) 
Proud. I have set my own challenge of having a waldrobe of clothes (for out of work ) that has been totally made by me, if I can achieve this then proud I will be .
maybe for work too? what's your job? although I prefer to keep my sewing for fun time ;0).... but imagine a whole cupboard of homemade things - fab!
I'm a childminder and spend most of my time out of doors, so standard uniform of jeans jumpers boots and waterproofs . No space for glamour, but means I feel a bit special any other time.




Inspired by Mena, Debi, Sarah, Adey & Veronica.  Inspired by all the other amazing women within this community.  Inspired by my own achievements.  Inspired!


Productive. I have a tendency to dream about projects and never find the time to do them... but I'm determined to find time this year.
Flawless. I want to work on my skills and leave nice finishings and so everything is lined up straight. I probably won't get quite there by the end of 2011 but I'll try :)
Changes. After having my first child in November, I'm finding that different styles flatter me now than did last year. Not in a bad way at all, just different. I've been reshopping my pattern stash and digging out some I thought I would never make. It's been fun.


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