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Is there anything you will never sew? 

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I don't think I'll be sewing undergarments anytime soon; I'm talking underwear/underwire bras. 

Please not this doesn't include the cute little knickers and camis and bralette from Colette. 

I don't think there's any garment I would never attempt, but I do draw the line at certain materials.  I do not use any form of plastic including PVC, "Pleather" and "Invisible" thread.
Most probably a proper shirt- i don't really sew for anyone other than myself and it's too much work to make one for me when i don't even wear shirts!
A swimsuit
A swimsuit
Never say never, but don't see myself sewing swimsuits any time soon. On the other hand, I'd had said something similar about jumpsuits a year ago and I've managed to sew 2(!!) last summer. Oh, the (sewing) madness.
No, I'll sew anything at least once.
Probably curtains. After having to press over 16 yards of fabric and then pressing seams upon seams afterward, I'll probably never sew curtains of any size ever again!!!
Fur! No animals in there please :)
A bathing suit.  The stretchiness of the fabric, the fit, the skinny straps, the lining, and all that elastic.  It boggles my mind to think about it.  As much as I don't enjoy trying on the requisite ten (twenty) swimsuits under florescent lights, I'll deal with it rather than sew it.


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