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Is there anything you will never sew? 

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A quilt! I can't imagine ever having the patience to put together  that many little pieces precisely enough for the whole to not look like it was made by an arthritic possum. I am in awe of people who can pull this off, but the learning curve seems high enough that I'd rather just opt out.

At this point in my life, most knits. I don't have a serger, and I just hate it when you inevitably pop a hem stitch putting on a t-shirt. Luckily, I also knit, so I can make some of that stuff anyway.
Never say never right? Although realistically I don't think that I would ever sew something like a wedding dress. There would be too much pressure to get it perfect and I like sewing to be as stress-free as possible!
I'm a beginner when it comes to sewing, so that limits what I can sew, but if I had the skills I would sew anything!

It is "unlikely" I would sew - curtains (I don't like them), a bra, anything with leather - other than that, I think I would pretty much give anything a go.

How lucky! I just found Colette Patterns and Sew Weekly yesterday, and have been especially eying Oolong.

I'm fairly sure I'll never sew pants. At least, I'll never sew formal, fit-for-the-workplace pants, because I'd rather sew, fit, and wear skirts and dresses. But my mom does sew a lot of pajama pants, so maybe I won't eliminate *all* pants.

I LOVE the site and can't wait to read through all the archives!
Never say never! But I probably will never sew myself a swimsuit. My son, maybe...
I don't think I would sew something that it is really cheaper to just buy, like an a-line men's tank top or underwear. Sewing should be for something that you need to be high-quality, like a dress or top or skirt to be proud of.
Well... I would never sew under garments.. Rather spend my time making something I can show off, such as a dress or an outfit. Judy
I will probably never sew men's pants, my partner would never wear them. Like everyone else was saying it's hard to say never, but I am pretty sure:)
I think I'd be up for sewing just about anything as my skills increase. Right now I am intimidated to sew sheer fabrics but I am planning to tackle that soon.
never say never! (Though jeans are a long way off, for me, given my skill set.)


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