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What's your sewing philosophy?

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Love it!
Just go for it!

Nothing is perfect, just do it anyway, and enjoy the journey.

Sewing is Cheaper than Therapy, and works better too.  It doesn't have to be perfect to make the process worth it.

Pay careful attention and try to make evrything right the first time- i've spent hours undoing my sewing because I decided to do it quickly
My sewing philosophy is to "sew well as by reflection."  I try to use my sewing as a meditative, reflective time for myself, and, since I sew a lot for others, it's also a time to focus outwardly.

I'm following the quick & dirty method. When the fabric is expensive or the project lengthy/difficult I get into this state in mind where "everything has to be perfect" and I undoubtly mess it up.

I've found that I sew better when I'm not afraid of ruining a fabric and when I don't have a deadline, so for the time I'm enjoying being pretty fearless with my cheap fabric.

I'm new, so I suppose my philosophy is still forming. But I constantly remind myself to be patient and appreciate what it takes to make a garment. I think people get used to thinking that clothes just appear on racks. Mass produced or otherwise, there's still people who put time to make it the clothes happen!
Try everything!
Sew what you like.  I've second guessed myself on a pattern or fabric only to see it on a blog or sewing review looking fabulous and kicked myself.  


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