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What's your sewing philosophy?

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YES! So true Meg - with the Macaron, I was like "I don't know about this!" and bam - I love it. Don't judge a project by it's 1/2 finished state is a great way to live!
I agree, also give something time. I have found if I go back to it I see it with fresh eyes that are ready to make a small adjustment rather than binning the whole lot!
Never give up! Basically, just keep trying to sew something until you get it right. (So long as you can tell you're going to like the eventual look of the garment).

 My Philosophy is...  Enjoy sewing.. Some will be Keepers  and some will be  Castaways.And thats ok. the joy

is,  enjoying your hobby and getting the joy of the Keepers.. Judy

I'm with rachel W, try to enjoy the process and not just get focussed on the end result!
Take your time to make a well-fitted, meticulously finished garment that you will wear many times! And use the best possible materials that last long, breeze, move with you and make you feel like a movie star :-)
Make things you can't get (or at least afford) anywhere else! This usually means straying from the pattern for me, because if I wanted someone else's design, I could just buy the clothes!
I try to take my time to get it right, and then try to let go of the imperfections.

"Learn by doing" - don't avoid a pattern that requires a technique you've never done before or skill you don't think you have. Look it up on the internet, library books or ask people you know who have more sewing experience - but in the end, just give it a go. It may be a disaster the first time you do it, you may have to unpick several hundred times but the more you do it, the easier and better it gets. 


And my aunt always impressed on me the importance of a professional finish - which she taught me meant always hand sew your hems!

I haven't really begun sewing yet: I just bought an instructional book that I'm pouring over. I really want the things that I make to be something I would wear, so I'm trying to learn to do things properly instead of jumping in with my usual slapdash approach. So I guess that's it: slow and steady. And fun, of course!
Not really a philosophy - but I want to make what I see my favorite stars wear in old movies! Thank heaven for the internet - the patterns are out there, many of the fabrics are out there, and I even have events to wear them to - so it's time for me to learn to sew. All I need to find is more hours in the day! So happy to have found the Sew Weekly!
My friend Sarah put it in perspective one day for me, "you are just making a dress not building a bridge". So basically have fun and if you make mistakes it's OK ones life is really depending on it:) And at the end of the day all the mistakes are just lessons and will make the next project even better:)


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