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What's your sewing philosophy?

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I'd say my sewing philosopy is along the lines of "if it doesn't kill you, at least you learned something!" I'm easily bored and so find it a lot harder to get enthusiastic about a t-shirt pattern than something complicated.  I like complicated patterns and techniques because I feel like they teach me something new.
My sewing philosophy would be that if you receive a compliment on a garment that you have made, then accept it gracefully and don't counter it with a list of all of the flaws that the complimenter obviously failed to see.
OMG yes! Can we apply this to other situations in life too? Like when you get a haircut or when you look cute? I just complimented a girls shorts today and she said "If my legs weren't to fat I'd wear them more" Whaa? She looked amazing - take the dang compliment lady!

I reckon this is totally a philosophy on LIFE! A good friend pointed out to me (on my wedding day, no less) as we got ready, no don't explain anything about your outfit. Nothing. People will tell you all day how gorgeous you are (they have to when you're the bride) but take it in your stride... and thank them. I had awesome hair at my wedding, with a great big hairpiece in to make it look thicker and longer, and my friend knew I would get all chatty and explain what was in my hair...


I love it: Accept the compliment gracefully, thank them and move on...

Haha, yes!  I totally agree!  Must work on this.....!!
Oh dear.. I am guilty as charged - sewing and otherwise.. Gotta work on this one!
Only sew what you love!  Life's too short and sewing takes too long to waste your time with projects that don't inspire you.
It takes risks to bring a vision and that is the fun of sewing!
I'm *trying* to make mine "process, not product." Or maybe "I want to sew, not to have sewn." I get so caught up in wanting my finished dress/skirt/costume/whatever that I get antsy as I'm working. I rush through the process and don't pay attention to improving my skills, and the whole process seems hollower. I'm trying to slow down, clip every thread, press every seam, and love the details. It doesn't hurt that attention to process generally produces a nicer product, too!
I sew to relax, so once my good karma is spent, no matter how close I am to finishing something, i step away. i try to gain new skills with each project and my items have become more and more wearable over the years.
1 step at a time.
That beautiful piece of fabric that you've been hoarding for the 'perfect' pattern, would be much better put to use in  'any' pattern rather than sitting on a shelf where no-one can see it for umpteen years!


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