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What's your sewing philosophy?

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I hear you!!!!!!

My new mantra for sewing is "yes -  you can do it".  So many times I have looked at patterns/fabric and thought that my sewing skills "weren't up to the task", so I haven't bothered.  I now look at things in a different light - if it looks complicated,  do a muslin first - nothing to loose there.  More times than not I have discovered that "I could do it". 


It doesn't matter if the process takes longer, just enjoy it.  New skills are learnt, and a real sense of achievement at the end.

Just give it a go - if it doesn't work on you, it'll probably make one of your friends happy when you give it to them instead!  ;-)
Great idea! Think of how happy it will make someone!
mmm, sew if it makes you more complete and balances your life!

my philosophy is Do it because I'm worth it! Having four boys and working full time with children I know there has to be space for just me. And yes I am worth the effort, I aim to make clothes that are suitabel for my lifestyle but make me feel good. The whole process even witha few ups and downs means I have had time to be creative, have a end product and a little skip in my step that comes from inner joy!

I think you deserve a medal - 4 boys and working full time, if we got to vote for this prize, you'd get mine!  You absolutely need to have "space" just for you - and YES you are worth the effort!
Thanks lovely! and as for physical space I'm working on that too. Will show you all my new working station soon ( as soon as my man has made it for me ha ha ha ), I'l post it up on your discussion spot creative space.
Make things that would otherwise cost me more to buy. Individual, one-off pieces that no-one else has. Where possible, find materials in sales or unusual unexpected places (DIY stores for example!). But most of all, enjoy the whole process of doing and learning!
Take my time and have fun.  When I start to get annoyed or negative in any way while working on a project, I stop and do something else.
My philosophy is "Finish the piece before you decide if you hate it."  In the last several years, I have cut out several patterns that maybe would not have been the most flattering pieces.  Once I finished the garment, I added something simple (like a fabric belt) and realized that maybe this piece wasn't as bad as I had originally thought. 
Great Idea... I have done this quite a few times..


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