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What's your most dreaded sewing step?

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Pressing the fabric. There's a large steam press at school that makes pressing a breeze, but unfortunately it's not at my house. I once pressed over 16 yards of cotton for curtains. I think the experience scarred me.
Hemming. I loathe hemming. I have a shirt, knickers, sleep pants and a skirt all waiting to be hemmed!
Tracing off a pattern. I've got about 12 inches of difference between my bust and waist, and 13 inches of difference between my waist and hips. It gets to a point where anything that isn't a shapeless sack goes through around 3 sizes to get it to fit right.
Making a muslin - it's just not very fun working on something that will never be worn.  And especially when necessary adjustments require at least two muslin versions!  I just want to get started on my garment . . .
Definitely transferring the markings from the pattern to the fabric.  So tedious.  Ugh!

Washing and pressing my fabric.  I usually just want to skip it and jump straight into sewing.

I hate the fiddly bits between sewing- having to press and cut and clip.  I just want to sew it all together and be done with it!
finishing!  all the hems and the like.  because it seemed like you were done...but you weren't.
Altering the pattern; I need a FBA for everything, even knits. While I know now how to do it, I envy those who can skip this step at least some of the time.
Hand stitching. I usually try and figure out a way to use the machine instead. But I have started doing some basic embroidery which is helping some.
Zippers are always a challenge for me. I keep telling myself practice, practice, practice and maybe one day I will love it.
Hems on dresses.


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