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What's your most dreaded sewing step?

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cutting the fabric-because there's no turning back, and picking something else. but its also the best part!

I hate hems.  I'll let an article of clothing sit for weeks, completly finished except for the hem.  And then I do them all at once because I dread them.  :)
It's an even tie between cutting and marking.  I just want to get to the sewing as quickly as possible.
Definitely cutting- it's so annoying when you cut one little thing wrong, and it takes ages :P
Finishing up! I usually start with a bang, very enthusiastic and focused. Then, because I sew at snail's pace, I begin to lose steam and start daydreaming of *other* things I could be sewing. By the time I get to the hem I want to get out of that project asap, even if i love the result. Maybe I'm an ADD-sewist, it doesn't happen with books or movies, it's weird.
Pressing!!!!! I hate ironing in general...


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