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What's your most dreaded sewing step?

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oh, the finishings: zipper, hem and  buttonholes!

I must get my act together and win them over, zipper is on its way out of this list, but the rest remain the make it or break it of my garments : (

One task that has always baffled me is topstitching the lining on the collar and shoulder straps of a bodice.  Maybe I've been trying to accomplish the impossible, but I feel like there HAS to be a better way than how I do it.
Unpicking! Even though I am a fan of the stitch ripper, it seems such a waste of time undoing something I've just done and going back to square one!
Button holes!  I have no idea why, but I avoid them.  Which means, of course, I have no idea of how to do them properly, which makes me avoid them even more.
I dread gathering...I can never make it look even, it takes forever to make the rows, and I always end up breaking the thread.
Definately marking and cutting the fabric before sewing. It takes soo long and I just want to get on to the actual sewing :P Also the only space large enough for that activity is on the floor, which means afterwards my beautiful fabric is covered in dog hair :(
Ugh, I hate cutting out! I also hate hemming. So, basically, I dread actually beginning the project and I dread ending it. :) I just like the sewing part!
I hate hemming. There's too much measuring and fiddling and trying to decide how long to make the dress. Pressing is a close second though.
I think that the sense of dread I feel is my own pressure, what I mean is I have a sense that I have to make the right chioce from the very begining. That is right pattern with right material ! Once I have matched my pair I feel that I can over come each problamatic step one by one.
I have terrible scissor skills so cutting out my fabric is always frustrating.
I would have definitely said cutting if I hadn't just avoided finishing a dress for over two weeks because I didn't want to deal with the full, rounded hem.  So, until I find a better tool or method for marking an even hem - that is my most dreaded step!

I would have to say actually beginning a new project. Because it involves making the correct alterations before cutting out and I'm just learning how to make alterations.  But, I can only get better at that if I practice more often.  Love the website, by the way. 




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