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What's your most dreaded sewing step?

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I'm always afraid to hem.  Especially skirts.  I'm always afraid to cut too much off and then I'm always nervous that it won't be straight.  I have a couple o f dresses that are unfinished because I don't want to ruin them!!
Definitely putting in a zipper.  If there is any way to avoid it I do. 
Tracing the pattern. Very hard to force yourself to trace off first when all you want to do is get started!  Only once did I decide to cut an original.. and then discovered I'd cut a size too small.  Lesson Learnt.
I really hate cutting out the fabric. It always takes longer than I expect it too.  I think it's the slowest part of the whole process. I'm also not a fan of hemming when the material is monstrous (polyester organza, for example).  I already feel done with the project and there's only tedious work left to do.  It's a pain.
Making a muslin - I'm too lazy to do so and hence my ever increasing pile of shame.

It's a silly little thing, but nothing drives me battier than trying to make gathers. I always delude myself into imagining that my machine has a long enough stitch length that I can manage it that way. Ha! Several failed attempts and much snapped bobbin thread later, I switch to hand gathering.  Thus begins the dreaded spiral of perfectionism and frustration... I can never get them as evenly spaced as I want!


Right now I'm plotting how I can remove gathers from a pattern I downloaded. Cringe! I guess I just have to cowboy up and get better at 'em.

I dread the muslin/fitting step.  I don't yet have the experience to know that I'm truly altering the pattern for the better.  I always fear getting caught in an endless circle of muslins.
Cutting and marking. I don't hate doing them, but they seem to be at the root of most of my problems later on.
Ripping out seems when I make a mistake!
Buttonholes ! Usually by that point I am ready to be done but have all the fiddly finishing to do. That and the usual end up a little wonky despite best efforts!

At the moment - modifying the pattern and making muslins until I can get the bodice to fit - I just want to start sewing the dress!

Historically - gathering... trying to get it to distribute evenly and then sew it in without catching

Oh, Buttoholes!!!!  I procrastinate like you wouldn't believe!  I have even been known at the last minute to add snaps, velcro, name it to avoid buttonholes.  2011 is my year to master the buttonhole!  Wish me luck, my nerves are going to need it :-).


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