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What's your most dreaded sewing step?

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I hate cutting out. It is the one step I procrastinate over more than anything else. Once cut out, I am very happy to just plug away until the dress is complete, but I can be paralysed with fear over the cutting out. What if I ruin my good fabric? What if the dress does not match the idea I have in my mind of the finished product?

Crazy I know....

I hate pressing. It is so boring.
I hate putting in the zipper. Even though I practise I still take it out at least once. I think it's the stress of previous mistakes...I buckle under pressure :)
I'm a very new seamstress: have really only been sewing curtains and other flat things. I have been blog-stalking all of you wonderful seamstresses for some time and I really need to bite the bullet and get started on sewing for myself, but I just don't know where to start, so I guess that's my most dreaded thing. Maybe winning one of these gorgeous patterns will be the catalyst I need to get started?
I hate marking - this takes so much time!
Slip stitching ANYTHING - be it cuffs, collar, or facings....ugh, can I please fast forward through that hour of my life?


I thought about this question.And I think the most dreaded step for me is: Getting the pattern fitted..

It seems so much trouble to make the muslin..I am "always tempted" to skip this part and get right into

the fun part..  Judy

If it's more expensive fabric: cutting!

I haven't yet figured out how to do zippers or buttonholes. So I am dreading those. And anything involving a ton of precision or hand-sewing. I try to be precise, but it just doesn't work out so well. 

Cutting the fabric! The more beautiful the fabric is, the more afraid I am of cutting them out!
I'm new to sewing and so far fitting adjustments have been the most difficult!
The thing I dislike the most is hemming - I will get things all done except for the hem, then they will hang around for ages waiting to be finished.  Don't ask my why .... I have no idea! 

I've just spent ages tracing out a pattern and cutting fabric - I'm going to add that to my list of "dreaded steps" - wish I was still in my "ignorant" state about tracing patterns out!!


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