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When I comment on the front page it automatically uses my Wordpress ID (The Dreamstress), but as soon as I click through to the Community Boards it uses my Sew Weekly ID (the one you see here).  Anyone else have this problem?  

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I hadn't noticed that, but I have had massive problems with attempting to log into Contribute and my (Wordpress) blog.  Have had to reset passwords all over the place, and create new Gravatar and email accounts !!!

I have the same thing but I didn't join the new group so in my case it makes sense that I would log in on community with my old password and use my wordpress ID for the landing page.

Ah, yes Cathe. I have asked to join Mena's group of Contributors, even though I have received the email and registered, and posted!  Maybe this is the missing link!

I can't help but respect Mena's incredible internetty powers, as I struggle to change my Gravatar!!

Hope you are keeping warm Cathe - I am sad you didn't join the Contributors, hope you will be sewing some with us.  I understand you have a big job.

T x

Trish it's pretty cold here, right in the middle of winter...makes summer all that sweeter.

I'm sewing away but at a slower pace that's all! I keep up with reading everything and visiting blogs. Love your blog, and seeing your new vintage treasures!

Is that a problem?  I figured its just the way it's set up....

Well, it's weird.  Sometimes I read a comment on the front page, and would like to know what the person has made and what else they have commented on in the Sew Weekly, but can't link through.  

It just seems to me that as long as you are signed up to the Sew Weekly you should be able to use their ID for all their functions.

I agree it could be easier or more seamless...

I believe it's because we are on two different softward systems. The front-end is Wordpress powered, the back-end is powered by some other community/forum package (I know not which one). This sadly necessitates two forms of logging in and no direct link-through.

Ah-hah!  I figured it was something like that.  Thank you.  It is a pity though.


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