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Hi all, I have signed up a few times to receive the sew weekly newsletter and have not received anything to my email. How often is this newsletter sent out, what does it look like and is the information different than what I get from just browsing this website? Appreciate your responses!

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Hi Rowen,

I think the newsletter is mainly when Mena has notices for anyone participating in the Sew Weekly forums/challenges; i.e. when she sends out information to start the sew alongs in the beginning of the year, etc.  That's just my guess as I've received a couple of messages from her in the time that I've been a member of the sewing circle.  The best way to follow the blog is via the RSS feeds. Mena has more details of that on the main site under the 'Feed' navigation tab.  If anyone else has a different definition of the newsletter, please feel free to correct me!

- Christine

There used to be a regular weekly newsletter in the very beginning but it didn't work out on a weekly basis and now it's just 'as and when'.



Thank you both for answering my question!


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