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i saw mena's post on september's gatsby meet up, and thought it would be fun to meet up in our various locations across the world on the same day!


i'm up for organizing an NYC meet... anyone care to join, or start your own in your corner of the world?

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Count me in! (Especially if there's food involved - now there's a combination - food and fabric!)
I am up for it too... before the summer is gone here in the UK

OK, I've been googling (looking for the date, actually), found this great article Mena wrote about her first Gatsby picnic:


This helpful website about Mena's San francisco picnic, which is on Sept 11th by the way, and has loads of advice about how to get ready for the picnic and links to fashion pages etc


And there seems to be another Gatsby picnic event in Queensland, Australia, on 18th Sept 2011 as well



Your so organised Charlotte! I don't think I've had time to blink by the time you've done the research!
seriously, great links! i'm getting so excited...
Do you think this could turn into our pre-winter meet?  I was thinking that it would be a good idea to make sure we met before winter set in and before we changed the clocks, so people weren't travelling home in the dark etc ...  September would seem to be a sensible time of year.
good idea Diane... is 11th sept ok?
That's OK by me.  What about everyone else?
i've asked on the UK thread, will have to wait and see!
Go girl...getting excited for you girls.. know you'll have even more fun this go round... Since you know each other more... fun,fun,fun...
I'm up for a trip to NYC that weekend. :) I think I'll be in Philly that Saturday so can head up north in time for Sunday.  Thanks for organizing this!
I am *so* up for a weekend in NYC.  It's been too long!


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