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i saw mena's post on september's gatsby meet up, and thought it would be fun to meet up in our various locations across the world on the same day!


i'm up for organizing an NYC meet... anyone care to join, or start your own in your corner of the world?

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Oh the mention of winter! It's barely summer but I know it goes by quickly!

I'm sitting in one out there! But it all sounds like a lot of fun!
Who else is going to be attending the actual Gatsby Summer Afternoon in San Francisco?  And, can we all share updates on our sewing progress as we get ready for the picnics across the globe?
I could be be easily convinced to come up to NYC for the day...

yes girl i am TOTALLY on it!  was thinking; saturday the 10th might be a more fitting day for the shindig. what with it being the tenth anniversary of 9-11 and all.  a group of frolicking ladies done up in 20's garb might be a little out of place that sunday...

and also if we do it on the 10th, there's still a weekend day for those tat travel to get back home & relax before the week begins anew.

Makes sense, though I may have to skip bc I have a wedding on the 10th. :( It's not confirmed though, so I'll see what I can find out. I may still try to get up there on the 11th, though the 10-yr anniversary deal my convince me otherwise. :T

well, i just got some cool news but it TOTALLY wrecks gatsby for me.... ARGH!


ruggy & i are headed up to banff for work, from sept 4 through the 19th.  we got the news the day after i was scoping out central park locations!


so. yay, but booooooo.


does anyone want to take over planning the NYC meetup?  i'm happy to do a postponed picnic the weekend after we get back, but i think that may spoil the whole around-the-world picnic idea. totally up to y'all new-yorkers....

so far as i can tell from the replies, we've got:


nina hall

seeks corey

vicki muse


amanda d


if y'all want to do it later, i could organize on the 24th or 25th, but i totally understand if you want to keep it earlier!


no, he didn't, i didn't even know he's here at SW! does cathy join in the challenges?


i think newport is a great idea too... i guess let's see what peeps say?  

haven't heard a peep, but he's probably busy gearing up for MP day :)


i'll start another thread to see what ny area folks think...

I don't think I can swing Newport on the 11th, and the gathering-if moved to the 10th- wouldn't have worked out for me anyway. :( I have a wedding in Philly that day (10th). 

I'm likely unable to swing anything else for some time, with even more weddings and trips coming up. I'm booked until October, really. :(

I hope some folks can make it to meet up somewhere! If folks want to aim for the 11th somewhere in Philly, I could possibly set something up. Let me know!

I'm finally back home and online after almost a month of traveling, so I'm just catching up on this thread.  I would have been able to make the 10th in NYC, but anything else is looking pretty dicey for me.  I am traveling to Michigan, Florida, India and Botswana in the next four months for work, so I don't have any other time to spare!  (Plus, I am unofficially on call for a very very sick relative, and may have to leave town again with practically no notice)  Sorry for the downer post, but YAY!  I get to go back to India and Botswana!  Anyone recommend any good fabric shopping in Mumbai?  hahahahaha  I'll be lucky to fit it all on the plane back to Canada :)
Oona, what are you doing in Banff?  Conference?  I lived there one summer, more years ago than I would care to admit (but let's just say there are probably some people in the sewing circle who WEREN'T YET BORN!)  It's a great place if you're into serious back country hiking, or if you're into posing in expensive designer gear après ski and snorting cocaine..... but I'm assuming you fall somewhere in between those poles of behaviour  ;)   I used to work at the top of Sulphur Mountain; you can take the gondola up for a fantastic panoramic view, then stop by the upper hot springs and watch the sunset from the pools.  And you can always go local and try some of the BC wines. 


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