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i saw mena's post on september's gatsby meet up, and thought it would be fun to meet up in our various locations across the world on the same day!


i'm up for organizing an NYC meet... anyone care to join, or start your own in your corner of the world?

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Absolutely.  Is anyone in Sydney, keen?
Is there anyone in the Paris (France) area? I would love to meet other sewists.
I'm in Toulouse (France too! ^^) you don't plan to go South? :D
Ohhhh....I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in Adelaide (South Australia) and due to the spread out nature of our wonderful country I'd have to drive for a minimum of 8hrs non-stop to get to the closest Sewing Circle member! Drat and darn it I'd love to have been involved. I love the idea Oona!
you're a scoche closer time-wise to kat in NZ... maybe there's a  skype picnic brewing there? or, have 3am internet cocktails with us in central park :)
I'm up for a second UK London meet!
woo hoo!
Yay! I think I could make it down to NYC for a day!
Maybe we need to have a skype picnic for those of us without anyone else nearby.  (Unless there's someone from NZ lurking around out there who I haven't met yet??)

These people in Napier seem to organise a picnic, but I think it was in February :0(

i love the skype idea! if you wanna wake up reaaaallllly early, maybe i can get some skype going in central park :))
Great idea - I'm happy to organise the Brisbane picnic if anyone is interested?


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