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I'm not sure who mine is. But I wondered who is your greatest inspiration?

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I noticed on your blog your admiration for Kirsty Allsop's style.  She has some great dresses and since being involved with Sew Weekly I keep noticing what people are wearing whenever I get to watch tv (which isn't that often really - usually at the same time as having a meal or  relaxing on a Sunday evening).  US people won't know what I'm going on about, unless they get the same series as we do in the UK.

'Louisa Glasson' had a gorgeous blue flowered dress with red buttons on in last week's Doc Martin.  I've also noticed that Jenny, the sweet factory secretary has some great vintage outfits in Emmerdale Farm.  Similarly with Julie in Coronation Street.  (I'm a sad person aren't I!!!)  So that's what I've been inspired by lately!    

Louisa from doc martin's dress is from Cath Kidston. I noticed that too Diane!

This week, Jenny in Emmerdale had a skirt printed with silhouettes of cameo ladies on a cream background - exactly like what I have left (ie: the reverse side) of my duvet dress - so that's what I'll make with that!

Hi, I just signed up for this site so I could thank you for the information on Louisa's dress!  

I live in California and am a huge fan of Doc Martin.  I was searching  the internet for information on Louisa's floral dress and sweater and I found this site as well as Cath Kidston.  I do frequent the  ETSY site, but somehow missed Cath Kidston.  Thank you again--I do appreciate your information. Ginger

Good question, I couldn't really name one person. Maybe that's because I'm in the process of figuring out what's my style and I'm not really interested in designers.

I usually find my inspiration everywhere I go, if I see something I like my mind always asks "How is it made?" and then "How could I make this?" and then it wanders off by itself and I'm left with far to many projects I want to make.

I like to draw sewing inspiration from movies sometimes,  you can always take screenshoots from dvds afterwards :-) On some days I want to look just like Mary Poppins and Hitchcok films have great costumes all the time. I noticed since I started sewing more regulary there is always this little part of me that analizes the clothes while I watch a movie... I hope I'm not the only one who does this...

And of course there is always the internet and the sewing cycle. So many good ideas flooding around.

What an interesting subject! I could go on for hours about this, but let's not make an essay, right? Basically, my mother is my greatest inspiration, she has been crafting in all possible ways all her life. When I was a kid, she sewed a lot, and she knitted every sweater we wore, all three kids, her and dad. A few years back, she made a list, and realized that over the 80's and 90's she had made more than 100 knitted sweaters! 

When I got my own space in the house (I was maybe eight), she cut out fashion pictures from magazines, color coded them and made collages to go on the wall above my bed. She taught me to knit, sew, crochet, and gave me material so I could paint and sketch. For the rest of my childhood, that's what I did... all the time.

Fast forward to today, and I find inspiration everywhere. Now I rip out pages in fashion magazines and put on my walls, browse through fashion and sewing blogs everyday, always bring a sketchbook where I go. I love looking at designer clothes and seeing how they are constructed, along my absolute favorites are Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen (who is sadly not around anymore), Tom Ford, Valentino... well you get it. Big names, crazy loud clothes... I just love it :-D

That is a fabulous story! I wish I'd had someone so creative! Most of my family are musical so I was a bit of a black sheep in that respect! x

This is going to make me sound like a big suck up but actually the biggest inspiration for me is the blogosphere and you guys. I love vintage fashion but hadn't even thought of making any myself until I started following Mena's blog. At that time she was making a more vintagey piece each week, I couldn't wait to see what she would do next. This year thinking about Mena's theme each week has been an inspiration and taken me right out of my comfort zone. I love what Debi has done and other people here too  (no more names in case I forget someone and cause offence!) .... I love your Beignet skirt Stevie and I have  put the pattern on my Christmas wish list since seeing what you have done with it.

So I suppose what I really like is seeing what "ordinary" women are doing and thinking, you know what, I could have a go at that, that's what I find inspiring.

I don't think this makes you sound like a suck up, I think one of the main points about the whole blogosphere and online comunitys is to inspire each other, in contrast to movies, tv or magazines where the inspiration can go only one way. It's not only you beeing inspired to try new things, it's also other people beeing inspired by you trying things outside your comfort zone.

Totally Agree...  so well put Charolette.. I too----love seeing what everyone else does .The only problem.. I want to do EVERYTHING...[ I get to encouraged..ha] And there is not enough time. ha.

Happy sewing to all.

PS although I kind of like Kirstie Allsop I wish she would do one of the crafts properly instead of doing a little bit of each one. I find that maddening!

She is my girl crush and bless you for being so sweet about my Beignet addiction. I have one more planned and then I promise I will stop (For this year...) 

I think that it is important to note that normal women can inspire normal women. You all certainly inspire me by the amount of blogs i follow


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