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OK, we've discussed all the pain in the bottom moments we just get through, which bits do look forward to?


I like planning and picking fabric, I like counting down the pieces until I have just one, I like watching it take shape, I like ironing seams and seeing how tidy it looks, I like the satisfaction when the zip is in.... I like having a photo when it is finally done and putting it on here, kind of like the final full stop.


What do you like?

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I think my  most favorite part is:

1- Dreaming up the idea.. of what is next...[I have so many want to do lists...that when I finally get to choose one. I am soooo happy] Waiting on Menas  next challenge so exciting.

2- the fabric store... I could spend hours just looking , and feeling the beautiful fabics..Never saying a word to anyone..just dreaming.

3- Once the cutting part is done.. I like watching the pattern peices dwindle away...peice by gets to a closer point of seeing that garment.

4- As you all said...the final moment of trying it fits....oh what excitement..and so ready to  put it on and show it off..

  Final!!!! FUN, FUN, FUN....and I really love the sharing it with all my sew weekly buddies..

Number 1 is a great answer Judy, my list of stuff I want to make is sooooo long, just as well Mena comes up ideas to focus my attention!

I thought of another: when you are wearing something you made and someone (who doesn't sew) says, that's nice, where did you get it? They don't know the zip went wrong or the lining is wonky. Then they are super-impressed when you say "I made it".


And when I put a picture on here and people I respect (who do sew, so know stuff) say something nice. A proud moment!

I especially love when my husband asks me when I bought it- if I can fool his eye, I feel proud!

Wow what a lovely topic.


I think my most favourite moment is when I've finished and tried it on/out (in the case of my bags) and it is fabulous.

But my other favourite moments are the comments you get from other people, and also the project where you just couldn't see it turning out but it ends up being better than anything else and you totally adore it!

I love that moment when that pile of fabric pieces starts looking like an actual garment! I love that first glimpse of what the finished garment will be. I also love getting to finally cut the fashion fabric after a particularly strenuous muslin (or two!). I also love seeing a great finished seam. French seams are my favorite!
I love the planning, shopping and having it finished part, but when I'm in the process of sewing, I love the hand-sewing, to manipulate fabric with my hands and getting it to look exactly like I want it to. It's immensely satisfying. :)
Do you know what?????????? I have allready responded to this question..but every time I read what the other girls are saying...I want to too.. I feel all those feelings.ha Happy sewing to all.

I also forgot that I love to look at my sewing creations together and making them into a wardrobe I can wear!

Just like this outfit I put on my new mannequin I got for my belated birthday!!

Love your creation..Know your proud of your belated bday present..Whats her name???

at the moment I'm not sure, Dad suggested Emmy Like Kim Cantrells character from the film Mannequin.

But I'm open to suggestions!

Wait for Jen..she will name her for you.. She gave mine the perfect name, ' Mary Christmas". and it has stuck with her... Mary Christmas she is...

  And Mary is wonderful..she never gripes about what I put on her.. or the fact she has no make up on? or that she looks awful in the  picture.hahahhaha


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