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hi everyone, i am a new member. i did a search but didn't find much on this forum for border prints. i want to make a maxi tank dress out of a lightweight knit but i really want to use a border print. i ordered a knit from that said it was a border print. when i got it in the mail, the border wasn't vertical along the selvage, but running horizontally across the fabric in a repeat that wasn't long enough for the maxi length skirt. : ( of course, joann's doesn't carry any nice knits...

so my question is, do any of you know where i can find some lightweight, summery border print knits? i'm an hour north of boston if that helps. thanks ladies!!!

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Off hand I don't remember seeing anything with a boarder on knit but I will keep my eyes out for you. Would you consider combing to pieces of fabric to achieve the look? Not exactly sure how that would work with knit, just a thought.
 I dont see alot of border print knits.. but I have seen a couple at Hope you find what your looking for.. Happy Sewing.


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