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Hello I'm Sarah and I'm addicted to Hoarders and sewing. At the same time. I love to stream a TV show on my laptop and sew away! It boggles my husband's mind that I do this, but it's how I roll!


What's your sewing soundtrack? Do you prefer silence or Stone Temple Pilots? Are you a classical gal or love the latest rom com flick on in the background? 


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It's the sound of silence for me! I'm not good with concentrating and distractions. Having said that, I do like a bit of Radio 4 (a British radio station, no music, just words) but I think that may be my age....

It depends on what time of the day it is as to what I listen to - sometimes it is music, sometimes it is ABC Radio National (informative radio).  I have thought about putting a movie on - but not sure how much sewing I would get done!

I love to have a bit of hand sewing to do while the telly is on, alternatively, some knitting!  I'll listen to a CD while I'm cutting out and machining.  I currently have a 3 CD set of the Electronic 80's to listen to!
I'm a sounds of silence kinda gal. Boring hey.
Yep..[nice peace and quiet]..... me to0 Casey.. [ lets not call it boring...but in deep thought.ha,ha].
I like that! It's meditative - not boring! I can't think in silence for some reason (I wish I could!) - I need noise to reach that state!
Blues and soul for the most part...but streaming KDHX works most of the time
I normally have BBC radio 6 on during the day, but really I love the peace!
 most its brazilian bossa nova or any other brazilian band I got on my i pod....
I need sound to work. I usually throw a movie in my laptop, but it has to be one I've seen before. Otherwise it's Broadway musical soundtracks all the way.
You are my soul sister - I always have to watch something I've seen before or I can't concentrate!
I like a little ABC Classic FM as long as there is no organ music, otherwise I play what I have on my computer on random which can get a little confusing as it swings from Paul Kelly to Anna Russell to 'hits of the fifties' to the soudtrack of 'Flowerdrum Song' and then back to K.T.Tunstall with snippets of Tom Lerher thrown in for good measure.


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