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Do you have a technique that gives you issues every time you try it? Or a weakness for a certain type of garment or fabric that just drives you nuts later?


Mine is too thick fabrics. I always pick too thick fabrics for the project no matter how much I tell myself to follow the suggestions, I always go rogue!

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Neck facings are mine - I can NEVER get them to sit correctly - they always manage to "peep" out behind the neckline .... and I HATE that.  I have a lovely dress hanging in the cupboard that I would love to wear, but no matter what I have tried, the facing still "pokes" out - aahhhhh!!  I've even resorted to iron-on hemming tape to try and keep it down, but I can still see it!


Any solutions you can suggest would be appreciated.

Oh man - I hate that too! I have tried understitching but some facings are so stubborn that they laugh in the face of my feeble attempts. I have done a full facing in those cases just to skip all this business!

Are you understitching? Very important for neck facings. If you're not.. it will change your life! here is a tutorial for how to understitch.   They're showing it on a straight seam, but it's essential on facings as it'll roll the facing fabric away from the front fabric so you won't get any peaking!

I also topstitch, but of course that depends if it's the look you want, works with the fab etc.

The other thing is the interfacing quality. I always use the lightest possible woven fusible interfacing.

Trust Casey on the understitching!! I have found her advice on this extremely useful.

Hi Casey,

 Yes.. understitching is the best idea.. It works wonderful.I do all my facings.. and thanks for sharing the you tube.. It was so simple to understand.. thanks,Judy

Hi Casey - I DO understitch, but maybe I'm not doing it properly.  Thank you.

oh sorry Debbie! Blame the dress.. always blame the dress!

Hi Debbie, 

   blame the  fabric , once you understitch..its nothing else you can do...Most of the time, the fabric makes it ride up..You can't help that.. I have thrown stuff away coz it just won't work.yuk..  Judy

Matching waist lines on dresses when you're using an invisible zip.  I line everything up sooooo carefully, and yet one side always ends up moving a little and the lines don't quite line up any more!  (Especially frustrating when you have a contrast waistband.  Argh!)
yep... happens to me everytime! with any zipper. super annoying!
I feel your pain - I'm yet to try invisible zippers but I manage to do it with normal zippers!
OMG - yes. This always happens to me and it is frustrating as all get out! I end up ripping it and doing it again and again until it behaves!


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