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Do you have a technique that gives you issues every time you try it? Or a weakness for a certain type of garment or fabric that just drives you nuts later?


Mine is too thick fabrics. I always pick too thick fabrics for the project no matter how much I tell myself to follow the suggestions, I always go rogue!

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I've made no secret of my hatred for zippers. I hate them so much that I usually try to omit them (which works a lot, surprisingly). That said, I recently started using invisible zippers and it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN the WORLD. The only downside is that I have like 200 regular zippers that I thrifted and I don't want to buy new invisible ones. 

If you hate zippers, try going invisible!

Invisible zippers give you a professional finish and are SO easy to put in - I won't use aything else (unless it is fly front pants).  You don't need an invisible zipper foot - but they do make sewing them in easier.
isn't it funny how finding the simple trick for something makes it so much easier. Just about any pattern I look at now I immediately start to consider where I can put an invisible zip rather than what ever they have specified. Buying a invisible zipper foot for my old machine was one of the best things. And I too have a ludicrous number of regular zips now too.
I always use invisible zippers.  So so much easier!!!
I agree with you! I hate zippers! Invisible ones are slightly better, but I still don't like them.

OK, I was going to say buttonholes but now I am going to have to make myself sound a right sewing muppet, what is the difference between a normal zip and an invisible zip, apart from how you sew it in?


Yours in gratitude for any response to my possibly ridiculous question....

not ridiculous! an invisible zip looks.. well... invisible from the outside. just like a seam. - there's no topstitching at all. The zipper gets completely hidden. They normally have instructions attached for how to put them in, but if you want to invest... an invisible zipper foot does an amazing job! They are a little flimsier than a regular zipper, so I wouldn't recommend them for heavy fabrics or anything that has to take a beating.

Thanks Casey, I shall investigate further, everyone here seems very keen! I have a zip foot on my machine but I don't think it mentions invisible anything.


Btw I have not graduated to heavy fabrics yet, so that's useful to know and file away for future use.


Thank you soooo much for answering x

Hi invisible zipper foot isn't the same as your regular zipper foot.

Here is an example of an invisible zip - like Casey said, "almost" invisible.  These are SO much easier to put in than regular zippers.  You can get a foot specifically for your machine or you can just buy the cheap plastic ones ( universal invisible zipper foot), in the haberdashery department, that adapts to most machines - they do a great job.  Good luck!!

Last night it was set in sleeves! I have a variety of issues, I'm like a mutiple choice quiz...all of the above!

Welted pockets. I don't do them very often and whenever I do, I inevitably do the welts backwards on the first pocket. Which of course I don't notice til I cut open the pocket and turn it, which makes me go "where did these raw edges come from? Crap! I did it again." And then I have to take out all the stitching and re do the pocket.


They look pretty, but I hate welted pockets.


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