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Do you have a tried and true pattern? One that you have made again and again? I don't have one yet, but my top pattern from this week is turning out to be a winner and I feel like more of them will be in the works in the future!

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Mine is turning out to be my Colette Macaron it lends itself to countless combinations and its sooo comfy and fits well and is lovely and fast to put together not to mention POCKETS!
I love Amy Butler's Liverpool shirt dress pattern. I have made it twice but have used pieces of it for other patterns that have stumped me. It's a really well crafted pattern that is tailored for the perfect fit. Amy does a really good job explaining everything in detail, maybe a little too much at times but for me that's perfect! I can read a pattern 100 times and still get it wrong...duh! Perphaps my comprehension is questionable! Anyway love this pattern and yes I'm sure I'll make another variation of it before summer is over.


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