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I'm branching out into the world of apparel fabrics and have yet to try a ton of cool stuff that you all have probably sewn with already!


Let's create a list of fabrics we love, tips or tricks on working with them and any issues you encounter when sewing or pressing!


I'll go first: Chambray - I love the softness and the cool, casual look. It's an easy fabric to sew with, but you must press it well before cutting your pattern pieces - it has a tendency to bunch in the wash and if you don't press it well it will stretch out later (when your piecing stuff together!)

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I love to sew with cottons that have a little stretch in them.  They go together beautifully and are so comfortable to wear. 


I have just made a dress (for this week's challenge) using a stretchy jersey, and that could be my new favourite fabric!  It was great fun to sew with,although a little care is required to ensure you don't stretch the garment out of shape.

I add the idea of taking a photo in the foreground (where possible) of the fabric that everyone is naming ... This forum  is international (Hurray) and the same fabric may have different names on other sites, so we know what we're talking material.
This is a great idea Rosy! I didn't even think about how each country or region might call each fabric something different - thanks!

To go slightly off subject, can anyone tell me what 'loden' is? I keep coming across it in my Burda magazines but anytime I try to reference it I only come up with it as as colour description, as in 'loden green'.


As far as favourite fabrics to sew, I'm loving stretch sateen. No slipping and easy to handle.


I love sewing with craft cottons.  :-)  (The ones used for quilting.)  The cotton is nice and lightweight, making it perfect for dresses, and it comes in so many awesomely fun prints!


I'm also really fond of lightweight merino wool knit.  To me, it seems like a great combination of luxury and practicality, all mixed into one.  It's nice and easy to work with too, as the fabric stays in place quite nicely while you're sewing it.

I agree there are some really funky cottons. fancy moon is a good site to look at.


I really love cotton, followed by corduroy and linen.
For summer sundresses, I think nothing beats quiliting cotton.  It's nice and thick and easy to work with, and the prints are so delightful.  I also really like linen and rayon.  I search on eBay and Etsy a lot for vintage rayon.
I'm a huge fan of lightweight wool!!!
Rayon Knits.  Hands down favorite.  Next comes linen and cotton voile.
cotton lawn, cotton voile, stretch cotton sateen and matte jersey are my faves, not so difficult to control being the major reason:)
I like jersey too because of the way it drapes, and it doesn't fray!


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