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I'm always interested to see what people are working on outside of the weekly themes.  While I'm waiting for the outcome of my  Easter dress polls, I've got the following in my sewing queue:


1. Violet by Colette Patterns.  I have a very cute cherry print for this! I'm making View 1.


2.  Pendrell Blouse by the Sewaholic.  I have an ecru eyelet and yellow pindot waiting to be made up into View B.


3.  See & Sew 5763.  I just picked up beautiful summer-weight twills in hot pink and rich turquoise.   Believe it or not, these are neutrals in my wardrobe - LOL!


4.  Simplicity 3688 trousers.  I bought some lovely deep indigo lightweight denim for these.  My Kate Jeans just don't feel flattering.  I've gone back to my original inspiration: Debi's fabulous navy wool ones.


5. Simplicity 8239.  I'm making View 2 for a friend out of a great cherries on black print.


What's in your sewing queue?

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Here's Debi's post when she debuted the finished trousers:

I voted! That hummingbird material is soooo gorgeous - I may have to get some myself ;0)


Top of my sewing queue and screaming out to me: dress for the UK sewweekly meet upon May 14th - if I don't get started soon I'll be going wearing red, white and blue body paint, tee hee



Well Charolette..

 I have seen on tv, where they wear dresses made of Chocolate candy, saran wrap,  paper,etc..Now..I really want to see pictures of you showing up at the meet in your Body Paint.hahaha..

   Is the horro.. dress still in plans for the meet? Can't wait to see what your doing???????? You are REALLY holding the secret..You are killing me.hahaha

I am so envious of the UK meet up! What pattern are you thinking of?


Can't wait to see the photos of all of you lovely ladies in your red, white, and blue creations!

I always have a very long sewing queue. I recently took 4 patterns form my stash and plan to make them for the spring/summer. I actually got all the fabric too so I could go from one item to the next. To make it slightly more complicated though I also a have a dress to make for my sisters wedding (and a shirt for my youngest son), a item of clothing using my travelling lace for sew weekly plus the uk meet outfit, and I also have started making a blouse from another on line project.

I am a real list kinda girl, so although I may not get them all done I love knowing there is lots to do should I want too.

Sounds so like me.. I have tons of projects going on... but not enough hours in the day..oooh...If this ole body..could just work longer hours.ha
Oh, I'm a big list-maker, too.  I have small bins in my sewing room - one for my projects and one for others'.  Works a treat!
I promised to make a friend not one, but three dresses, which I have GOT to do. One is cut out, just got to get motivated to sew it, maybe when I get home from holidays........

  I always have several projects to do.. I like to have something cut out, waiting upon me finishing the past project. at the moment ,

 1- I am finishing up the  TV personality challenge ,and getting it ready to post.

2- At  the same time, I was making my grandaughter's Easter dress.[this was finished yesterday and delivered to her.]

3- I have another vintage dress cut out and ready to start.

4-  I also have  a project with my traveling lace package .It is cut out and ready to sew.


Wow, Judy! Look at you go!

Oh my gosh this is my favorite thing to talk about!

At the start of last week I had 7 Garments to sew but I'm through 3 this week Hoooorahhh!

This is my most recent post about what I have left. If you read the next one down I'm talking about a pair of trousers that are also in the queue Beebeesvintagedress blog.

So I have left. One pair of straight legged trousers, One Skirt, One top, One Tunic. I had better get sewing! The tunic is for the meet on the 14th!!!

You are uber productive, Stevie! :)


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