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I am a long time lurker and have not been sewing for a few months. I've come back to Sew Weekly and theres been no updates for ages. Is it all over?

I feel sad, this is a great resource and I've been working up to trying to sew along with the themes but nothing is happening now I think?!

Laura :o)

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I'm here!  I just joined and I'm finding nobody's on here much either. Not like I thought there would be for a sewing forum!  I'm from Ohio.... USA and I'll be around a while. But I've got to say if it keeps going like this, I'm out of here.

Have a great day Laura.

I think quite a lot of us are still sewing... just that the posting isnt continuing. I've since read that sadly Mena's grandfather passed away in Dec... perhaps thats the reason.

I'm here too, K Gribble!  I've been sewing along since July '12, and joined in Sept. '12.  Even though its not as busy as I had hoped, it's still plenty rewarding to me to be a part of this and hear from and help other sewing members.  I try to be an active part of the Community, as do several others that I know.  Please stick around...I plan on staying and sewing and posting!  BTW, I'm in the Midwest, too!

Where at in the Midwest are you from Kelly?  You've only been sewing for a few months?  I've been sewing for over 40 yrs. now.  Loving every minute of it!  It's addictive in case you didn't know!  LOL

Sew, since I love to share any knowledge I can, I'll stick around just for you guys!  :)

We have a snow storm coming our way Saturday & Sunday with  3-6" of the white fluffy stuff.....

Hey there, I'm from St. Louis, Missouri...pretty much right in the middle. 

Although I've been sewing with SW since July '12, I've been sewing and hand stitching since I was 7...that makes for 22 years of sewing!  I absolutely love it still, and find it so relaxing, enjoyable, creative...stop me before I get carried away.

However, SW has been (and still is) a recent motivator to expand my sewing skills.  I just recently made my first dress with no pattern.  I probably wouldn't have tried that even a year ago.

And yes, I we just had a small blizzard here yesterday!

Hi - I have been lurking for ages and wanted to join in the weekly challenges but the weekly theme seems to be stuck on October every time I log on to the site. I don't know whether it is me - it is possible!


Yes - thats what I see too!

Well I am glad to know it is not just me then :)

I am sure there must have been weekly challenges since then.

Hi all,

We haven't had any official word from Mena about the status of SW, but I know last year was really busy for her. There is still a group that posts in the community, but there are no new challenges this year (yet). If you want to use last year's challenges they can be found here: and Kat posted a list of other sewing challenges/sew-alongs going on this year here:

Happy sewing!

Yeah I followed along for about 8 months last year and I was finally getting to the point where I wanted to start trying to sew along. I'm kinda bummed that nothing is happening. It was always really inspiring to see what the contributors had created each week!

If you check out this post it lets you know whats going on.
Thanks again for it Tempest.

Yeah, I contributed several times in 2012, and check in every week to see if there's any updates.  I'm also bummed.  It's so nice to see what others are sewing all combined in one place.


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