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What to do with this beaded collar? - and how? Suggestions & help appreciated!

Hello Ladies,

Given the weeks theme of 'embellishment' I've been looking through my stash and came across this beaded collar (part of an inherited stash)

I'm pretty sure I won't come up with anything amazing enough to use this on this week... but would certainly appreciate any ideas you all have.

I have never worked with anything like this before. It seems so delicate and fragile.. how would I apply this?

The beading is all done on a sheer fabric which is cut very close to the edge of the beading. ie. no seam allowance. The edges have been melted to stop fraying, but given it's age there are some parts of the fabric that are deteriorating (The beading itself seems in good condition). Should I try to apply an additional backing to help preserve it? Any ideas how to do this?

Also.. I assume that you can't really wash this sort of thing. Is it best that it becomes a 'detachable collar'?


All ideas and knowledge appreciated!!!!


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It's gorgeous!  I'd make a cardigan to put it on!

I woke up thinking the same thing! angora pale blue twinset! how cute would that be!

If you don't fancy the collar stand that tucks under, how about making it like a peter pan collar by putting some ribbon on the front to tie it?  Once you've done all the restoration work...good luck with that!  It will be a labour of love I'm sure. 


Just thought, you could put the ribbon on as I just said but turn the collar around so the ties are at the back and it's one STATEMENT necklace!  Can see it with a lovely silver slinky dress!

Thanks everyone for so many good ideas! I am going to tackle the 'preservation process' and then all going well, I may make a couple of things to put it with! (bare in mind this will be a long term project!)


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