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What to do with this beaded collar? - and how? Suggestions & help appreciated!

Hello Ladies,

Given the weeks theme of 'embellishment' I've been looking through my stash and came across this beaded collar (part of an inherited stash)

I'm pretty sure I won't come up with anything amazing enough to use this on this week... but would certainly appreciate any ideas you all have.

I have never worked with anything like this before. It seems so delicate and fragile.. how would I apply this?

The beading is all done on a sheer fabric which is cut very close to the edge of the beading. ie. no seam allowance. The edges have been melted to stop fraying, but given it's age there are some parts of the fabric that are deteriorating (The beading itself seems in good condition). Should I try to apply an additional backing to help preserve it? Any ideas how to do this?

Also.. I assume that you can't really wash this sort of thing. Is it best that it becomes a 'detachable collar'?


All ideas and knowledge appreciated!!!!


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no advice I'm afraid - just wanted to say 'How Stunning is That!' I think I would be putting it on something white to let it be the stand out featurre.
I'd put something pale and tweedy with it, like one of those little Chanel jackets ...
ooh... hadn't thought of that! nice suggestion. This little beauty may need a few garments to attach to!
Ooh, that's pretty! I like the other ladies' suggestions, but also think it would look pretty on something that's a darker blue. I'd definitely make it detachable. Washing that might be tricky.

Do you think there's any way you can attach a very light fusible interfacing to keep the fabric from deteriorating even further? I'm not sure if that would change the shape or the stiffness of it though.


It's very beautiful! And to echo Amy, it's probably best to try and make it detachable.

wow, but I have no idea that would make it look good! Embelishments don't come easy to me!

Pleeease Don't go anywhere near iron on fusibles with this collar (sorry Gemsy) I would recommend that if the fabric is detoriating that it should be applied to an additional backing of something like chiffon - you would need to put the chiffon into a square embroidery frame, lay the collar on nice and flat, pin in position and then stitch it down around all of the leaves so that the two layers are quilted together for re-inforcement.  You will also have to check the condition of the stitching thread before applying it down, in case any of the ends are loose and thus the beeds will need re-stitching as well.  To finish the outer edge I would probably use fray check about 1/8"-3/16" away from the beeding on the new fabric, cut it out, then fold under and herringbone stitch it down.  The inner edge either do the same or make a small collar stand that can be tucked under the edge of the garment you make to wear it on with perhaps small poppers to hold it in place at the shoulder seams.     

Please feel free to contact me if you need further detail - I went to the RSN and have some knowledge of  transfering,  conserving and restoring embroideries.  Cheers, Rosemary  

Well, I'm glad someone has better knowledge of this than I do! Thanks for correcting. ;)
Thanks so much Rosemary... I will admit, I was tempted to use a fusible! - don't worry Gemsy.. that's where I was headed too! - although I was pretty sure it would be sacrilicious. looks like I have quite a bit of work ahead of me! I am not the most patient of handsewers so I see this becoming a long term project, I'm keen to do it... but I have never beaded anything, so sure hope I don't need to redo any! at first glance the beading threads seem ok.. but I'll give it a good check over. I may be sending you a few questions soon Rosemary! Also love your tip to add a collar stand that tucks under the garment neck edge. brilliant..Thanks. - Don't suppose you'd have any guesses on the age of this?
Casey ..what a beautiful collar. I agree , I would do it detachable too..  Have no ideas..But know you will do something beautiful.

As  to age I don't know, there was lots of beading in the twenties and thirties, but it looks a bit fifties in style.  You will have to do some futher research to find out.

Washing, it is probably washable BUT hand washing only with a mild detergent (hair shampoo for babies?) Do a small check first! Don't just plunge it all into water.  Make sure it is thoroughly rinsed(4-5 times), then dry flat on a towel.

Collar stand - (please excuse rough drawing)  the blue line indicates the shape I presume the collar is when flat.  The red line is my suggested pattern for the collar stand rather than a straight grain collar stand, this will lie under the garment nicely.  It could be made from lining fabric (pale blue).  Directions:-

cut 2,

stitch right sides together, except for the neck hole,

trim and turn through,

turn in seam allowance of neck hole & press,

tuck in the seam allowance of the beaded collar (simailar to a cuff, but it will be trickier)

pin in place, then stitch - if you want to try and machine stitch it, use your zipper foot on the non-beaded side.

use small snaps/poppers or small buttons at the CB, shoulder seams and CF points to keep it in place whilst being worn (or you could just tack it into place :)  ).


This should help everyone else who fancies trying a detachable collar as well.


PS I tried to add the photo to this post but don't seem to have quite got it right, but it is at the attachment.

thanks again Rosemary! I am still a little scared... but will definately give this a go with all your advice & instructions. So glad I posted the question!


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