The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

One year gone and lots of fun projects each week. How the projects helped you with your sewing skills?

Did it helped you try new techiques? Got you more confidence ?

Time to reflect on this year progress..

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Cassandra , it's true... there are amazing people we can learn from. X

This year I learned everything I know about making clothing. No joke! While I have been a sewist for awhile (quilts, household items), this year I really raised the bar and learned how to make skirts, dresses and tops - install zippers and linings, and even made a fall jacket! I learned how to sew knits (easier than I thought), and how to improvise on patterns.

I also learned how to crochet this summer and have made a few wearables (scarves and cowls).... and just ordered yarn to make a skirt with over the next month or two.

So while I haven't done many of the projects here because of my own learning curve, I have found this site to be a continual source of inspiration in learning and the Sew Weekly has been a major contributor to my increased garment sewing. I have way more sewing confidence than ever before, and find myself fantasizing non-stop about the next garment project as I look through all the great photos and write-ups here.

Honestly folks - you've been awesome - so encouraging, so inspiring. It has made me fledgling garment-making experience so fabulous!

Hi Megan, I think you said something very true... It's not how many garments but the learning and enjoyment of sewing. Xx

this site is the best it's true!

I'm envious that you have learnt how to crochet!

This year has been a huge learning curve for me too. I already knew how to sew but a year ago i started teaching others to do it too and have got a little business up and running now. Its amazing how much teaching others helps you to learn. I would say when i started i really wasnt much a sewer but now i feel confident making anything- thanks in a big way to all the blogs and help i have seen around here too.

You learn so much from teaching ... No dout. Looking foward to see next projects x

blogs are great, I love the look of yours. Very impressed that you teach others you must be super confident now!

This year I too concquered the dreaded invisible zipper and started using more expensive fabrics without so much fear. Not having any sewists to play with locally I also count meeting this group among one of the best tricks I learned- the value of good advise and encouragement has been as handy as my seam ripper!

Ann, Invisible's huge... I hope you find someone next to you and thanks for the lovely parcel...if u need anything in the Uk. Let me know... Merry Christmas xx

This year I'm quite pleased with myself. I feel I've improved more this year than in any other since I started sewing 5 years ago (Eeep!)

My garments are much neater inside, I beat my target of 10 garments and made 25 fully finished garments not including the mountains of UFO's!

I also tackled a coat, some trousers, got over my fear of buttonholes and met some fabulous people who love sewing as much as I do! 

A coat, trousers and buttonholes - that's a big year! All three of those give such a feeling of accomplishment.  Great job on your progress this year! 25 garments is awesome! I love over-exceeding targets ;)


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