The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

One year gone and lots of fun projects each week. How the projects helped you with your sewing skills?

Did it helped you try new techiques? Got you more confidence ?

Time to reflect on this year progress..

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Jen..deadlines been a great incentive for me too. Thanks for sharing.. agree with everything you said.. And I too, love  to teach.. So much fun for both.. Merry Christmas.

I agree with everything you've said! Especially the seam ripper - I've learned not to be irritated with it, but accept it as an important tool to make my sewing come out right!

Seam rippper.................I so agree.. the BEST tool in the sewing buisness. How could we ever do with out it??Merry Christmas

i agree with this one!

Good question Rachel! As funny as this sounds I think I have gotten better at reading pattern directions and understanding my body shape. I'd also say learning to sew with more difficult fabrics. I think being motivated too.

Cathe,  I so agree.. Reading patterns is such an important step and I have really learned to study the

instructions before starting...You so amaze me with your fantastic projects..They are ALL so perfect, and the,love ,love it.

I'm going to get some tips with you Cathe.. I'm so bad at reading instructions

I've learnt so much this year but I think overall, I really figured out how to properly 'finish' my pieces.  When I first started, I wasn't finishing any of my edges - I just didn't realize the importance.  Now, I no longer skip steps like that so my pieces will hopefully last so much longer!  Along the same lines, I did my first flat felled seams on my Clover pants.

Other things... buttons have become so simple! I know more functions on my sewing machine, including how to do button holes properly and attach buttons.

There's so much more but that's all I could come up with for now.  2011 was an awesome year for my sewing... I'm hoping 2012 will be just as good!

Christine, what a great year....

This year I have learned a bunch of great things.

1. Ask for help

2. Put in a zipper/ invisable zipper without sounding like a sailor

3. matching stripes and plaids

4. Making a full lined dress.

5.I have always known that the seam ripper is your friend, but now I have four or five of them floating around so I am not looking for it.

6. Last but not least I have found blogs of others that I can learn from and have made some interner friends that I hope one day to meet in person.

 I  totally agree Casandra.. THis year has brought so many new and improved task  for me. Have fun sewing 2012 and  Hope you and family have a Merry Christmas.


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