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After I had my son two and a half year ago I wore nearly only jeans and shirts.

Then I learned mashine sewing and beeing a person who can get very excited about making things have been sewing a lot since.

I really was feed up with the jeans and shirts look but I can't really figure out what my style is.

I would like to make some kind of style palette like you would make a color palette, to get my sewing more organised. Like basic items that suit me well and I like to wear.

How do you choose what you sew?

Do you have a particular style?

Or do you suffer from ( or enjoy) having lots of different clothing even if they don't go together?

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This is a really good question. I feel i've always had nice clothes. I was taught from an early age that primark and others were clothes that didn't last and were not good quality. So I have always tried to buy clothes from middle market brands.

This was until I started sewing. I started through the school system and my style was colourful but not always girly skirts and stuff. I had pink streaks in my blonde hair until after college so I was semi punky. My income went to zero when I went to university and as lifestyle changed I began to pick up sewing again. I wanted more grown up clothes and wasted a lot of yardage on posh frocks I could never wear in normal day situations.

Now in my final year I think I have finally got my style down. I am wearing bright colours together but with a more ladylike edge. I don't wear dresses very often unless with tights but sewing lots of casual tops and skirts that are still fun and quirky. What I couldn't find on the high street was colour! In the way I wanted it and I feel like I'm starting to achieve the wardrobe I want through my sewing. To illustrate here is me in 2008 compared with me in 2011

I'm definitley an emotion dresser. I like my clothes to entertain me a bit- I feel that i dress like they have described Rachel on Glee- 'a geriatric toddler'. 

My closet does have a lot of 'oh it's so cool and so special, it matches nothing, but belongs in my closet' items that are more for stroking than wearing!  Definitely the wardrobe of someone who wears a uniform at work and craves color and novelty! If I ever have to go to a meeting it is an ordeal finding 'adult' clothes!

This is a great question, and one I struggle with all the time.  I dress well, but have conflicting styles - and my wardrobe reflects this.  I like groovy clothes, but I like very classic styles as well.  I think a sewing palette for style is a great idea ..... just picking the style is the tricky bit!!  Aghhh .... decisions, decisions!

I have been told I dress like a grandma...and as I type that I am wearing yoga pants and a Hello Kitty t-shirt. Go figure.


I don't really have a style yet, unless 'pajamas' is a style. I have a uniform for work, and when I get home I get into my pajamas. I'm trying to branch out. I have found I love skirts, I should probably try actually WEARING one, and am currently working on one, but I love the idea of them. I've always been a jeans and t-shirt girl through school, so the feminine touch has recently begun to appeal to me. I will keep you posted on how that goes! I think I am in much the same position as you, but I have been primarily a quilter and have not made my own clothing yet. My own personal plan of action is experiment with the things that catch my eye until I find the style that feels 'me'.

Wow, great topic!  Love it!


I've found that my style has evolved a lot over time.  And it even changes from day to day.  This past week, I've been all about knee-length skirts or jeans, tshirts or long-sleeved tops, and dark colours.  Next week, I may be in 1950's style dresses with crazy colours and prints.  It all depends on how I'm feeling on the day, really!


One thing that I really wish I'd learnt when I was younger (read: before making a LOT of mistakes in clothing choices!) was what suits my figure.  I've only really been figuring this out over the past 3-4 years, and it's made a large difference in what I wear.  It turns out I used to wear a lot of things because I was dressing for my height and my (tiny) bust, and not for my overall figure - which resulted in lots of things that didn't really flatter me anywhere near as much as they should.  Earlier this year I finally got around to taking my measurements and using them to figure out my figure shape, rather than going by guesswork in the mirror - turns out I'm an hourglass and not the pear I thought I was.  And now that  I know that, and which 'rules' to follow for what works for that body shape, I'm making different choices in what to wear.  Don't know if it would help you or not, but it helped me think outside what I was usually choosing!  There are some guides online somewhere to help you figure it out.


And like a few of the others here, I have a tendency to make things because I love them (or in the past, to buy them because I love them!) and as a result have a wardrobe chock-full of things I adore that don't go with each other!  (I really must start making more basic separates soon....!)


Good luck on your style discovery, hope you have a lot of fun figuring it out!  One of the joys of being a girl I think - we get to play 'dress ups' every day if we want to.  :-)


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