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OK, this is the fluffiest, most pointless post ever.  I'm posting because I stopped in and all the posts are SPAM!  Not OK!  So to bump them off the top...

What is your dream sewing project?  If you had all the skills, and all the time, and all the money to sew anything, what would you make?

Mine changes every day, but my current "if I had worlds enough, and time" sewing project is this dress by Worth worn by Queen Maude of Norway.  I guess it's not really a lot of sewing - just a ton of amazing beading, which I just don't have the skills and time to do.  But gosh, do I love it!

So, what would you make?

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 I've been toying with the idea of a wedding gown.  Butterick has a nice pattern for the Sarah Burton-made royal wedding dress, and you have a lovely gown posted in your portfolio.  I did purchase a gown pattern today, but a very simple one.  About a year ago someone asked me "do you think you could pull off the royal wedding gown?" and I answered truthfully, 'no'.  I don't make hand-made English lace or know anything about the traditional methods in which Catherine Middleton's gown was constructed.  But there's alway room to learn!

An Irish dance solo dress :)  I tried one before with a friend when I had no idea how to sew garments, but I would love to try one now that I've been sewing for a couple of years.  The problem is it generally requires a lot of embroidery, huge amounts of stiffener or interfacing (or some amazingly intricate plisse or pleated skirts, etc), and I just haven't found anything to inspire me to try yet.

Oh man, I was asked to make one of those once, and just said "No thank you".  It's a really specialised field!

Someone asked me if I could make one for their daughter too.  He was a bit suprised when I said I couldn't make it for less than the one's that were more mass-produced!  Some people think they can take advantage of your 'hobby'.

The person who asked me was willing to pay, but I still say no to commissions that don't utilise my strengths.  It would have been so much more work for me to make one, never having done so, than for someone who did them for a living.  

But I agree that people do devalue sewing, and try to take advantage of it.

If I had the time, I would make one of every pattern I own in the best fabric possible.  My wardrobe would take over the house if that ever happended


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