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I was thinking about this earlier, whilst reading. I have been inspired by lots of things in my sewing,

other bloggers, designers and all the usual outlets like TV.

But also Poetry, stories, traditions, family, novels and other general imaginings.  So I thought I'd ask...

What inspires you?

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Definitely what other people make on here - so lovely, such fabulous ideas....
Mostly my daughter. Also other bloggers as well as the NEED to show off ;-)
Looking at my inspiration folder, it's a lot of theatrical and dance costumes, vintage listings on ebay and etsy, and early 20th century artwork.
Number one if definitely sewing blogs and groups like this one.  I would never have gotten back into sewing in such a big way if I hadn't stumbled upon Burdastyle et al.  Also: trolling Etsy patterns; not necessarily to buy, but just to get ideas and to look at the back of pattern envelopes to see how the pieces are drafted.  Also Project Runway.  Have I mentioned I'm an addict?  It's one of the only TV shows I watch religiously.
I get inspired by people, places, books,fabrics,designers, weather...

 I was thinking what and how to answer this question.. There are sooo many things and people that inspire me. I love,love to sew.. and I think that is just something that is in you..[You cant make it happen, you either have that love, or you dont]..

  1- sew weekly has inspired me more than anything. All the wonderful ladies and their kind remarks. The sweet giggles of our mistakes.. the proud grins of our  wonderful outcomes.. and sometimes even the tears when just dont happen!!! all I can call it!!!

  2- the beautiful garments that are posted here each day..I wake up and the first thing I do is...go to see what new pictures are up.. I am HOOKED!!!

   3- Fabric stores--- seeing all the beautiful fabrics and dreaming what they would look like ,made.

          and all the thrifted fabrics that are shared with us..

   4-  Tv shows... especally the old shows and movies that show the girls in there pretty vintage dresses.

   5- the weekly creations by Mena and the 4 contributors each week.


Stevie, that's a really good question that's actually a little hard to pin point. I work with a lot of creative people from graphic designers, photo art directors, photographers and stylists. They all have their own distinctive style that inspires but also reminds me to have my own visual voice. When I travel or just go to a museum I find all kinds of inspiration. If I visit a website like Pinterest, your blog, a design annual or just a well designed menu I get inspired. In the morning the light can dance across the wall and that too inspires. It's kind of endless where it comes from and how it's translated into inspiration!

absolutely! I knew it was a hard question and I love what you ladies have come up with so far! I keep thinking of new things every two minutes. Lyrics from songs, paintings, music, like you said Cathe, people have their own distinctive style and I love how it comes out in our sewing!

I would never have thought as a teenager I would ever develop my own sense of style but when looking at my blog, I can see one! when you document things its so so clear that everyones got their own style and personality! I love this thread already! Keep it coming ladies!


Oh thanks for the pinterest website, I just looked at it and its so good.
Oh yes Pinterest is great, I can get lost in there for days!


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