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  What happens when you find yourself in that  "lost mode of sewing?   Where do you find  that ability to return it?  Do you find yourself missing that buddy/friend that kinda comes up missing on SW?


 I find that when I get into one of those modes, I  just need a break from  sewing. Usually time off ,will replenish the "want to" again. I can  go to my sewing room to clean or look through my sewing stash, and once again the  mind starts flowing with things I can make or do..And soon, I am back at it again..


   But ..when this fails  to work.... There's nothing like that buddy/friend , who sends you that message  and helps you to return. When things seem drab ,sometimes , that wonderful  friend can help you pop right out of  that "no sewing mojo".


  When I miss a familiar face on SW , for a little while.. At first, I think they are just really busy..or they need  some time off..but the mama in me....soon starts to worry about them.. And I just  have to check on  them..just to be sure EVERYTHING is ok!!!!

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Thanks Judy, you are the best xxxx

Oh Charlotte, that really sucks!  Hope you get your machine up-and-running (or replaced) soon!  :-(  I feel a bit lost when my machine goes into the shop for repairs - even if I haven't used it in a couple of weeks, it still feels a bit like part of me has been removed.  (Guess that makes me a sewing addict, yeah?  Oh dear.....)


I've found that the Sew Weekly challenges have really helped me with my sewing mojo.  The last couple of years I kinda lost it for a while - I had lots of plans, lots of patterns and fabric, but it was a struggle to make even one thing a month.  The challenges, and the time lines and thinking-outside-of-what-I-usually-make have really worked for me - given me the focus I needed to get back into sewing and actually progress my skills a lot more than I had in years!  I still get hit by the loss of mojo thing, but I've been countering it in two ways:

 - the realisation that if I miss one week's challenge, it'll be all over for me - far too easy for me to miss two or more!  Kinda like chocolate biscuits - if I don't eat any, I'm safe, but as soon as I eat one, I eat the whole pack.  Guess I'm an all-or-nothing kinda girl.

 - even if I don't feel like sewing, if I haven't done anything for 2-3 days, I tell myself to just sit at the machine for 15 mins and then I can go and do something else.  About 5 mins into it, I'm all revved up and loving it and tend to stay there for an hour or two.  Sorta like going for a run or a swim - once you actually get moving, it's a lot easier to find your rhythem and keep moving and enjoy it, but the prospect of changing into your running gear and heading out in the first place can be rather daunting and not-so-fun.


On a side note, I'm also feeling a bit bad that I haven't been participating in the forums and the like much lately - been a crazy crazy time at work and my outside-work social side (such as you lovely ladies!) has fallen by the way-side a bit.  I feel like I'm being a fly-by-night Sew Weekly person at the moment - ducking in once a week and posting a challenge pic, then running away again!  :-/  Hopefully I'll get back to participating more in the awesome discussions and the like soon.  :-)

Kat we have missed you for sure. Glad you are posting your latest lovely but I always enjoy your point of view so YAY your back, bring it on!

Hi Kat..

Love your thoughts.. "just sew 5 minutes and then you can do something else" then ..your into it..Great motiviation.thanks..

  we have missed you..but  so understand..sometimes life gets soooo busy that  time just doesnt allow. and sometimes ,we have to step back and   take a break...

  I enjoy your  postings.. Happy Sewing.

You know, I'm just so, so tired at the moment. It's taking me all my time to do something for this week ... I think it's because I have to travel to work. Every now and then I kind of come against a wall. Plus I'm so despondent about all the awful things that have been happening in our cities this week. I've had a trip out to Camden Market planned for ages - I'm still going on Saturday - desperately need a bit of fun - not going to let anything spoil that.

I thought maybe you were enjoying the summer holidays Charlotte - hope things cheer up for you and I'm sure a fully functioning machine will make all the difference. There must be nothing worse than learning on faulty equipment!

Think it's time for me to book a week off very soon ... need to re-charge my batteries.

Keep smiling Diane, and don't let the lowlife bring you down, Camden Market, I am jealous, sounds like a lovely day out, just the ticket!


I am enjoying the hols too Diane, sewing issues aside,  today I am baking my friend's wedding cake, 3 tiers! She is very brave letting me do it! 4 hours in the oven for the largest tier.....


Kat I have been stalking the sewing machine engineer this am and actually been to his house.... if it isn't fixed now I know where he lives, ha ha. He was very polite about my choice of machine but reading between the lines he thinks it's rubbish - he said it was good for light sewing but I might want to trade up for more serious use. Also it's electronic and he seemed to think mechanical would be better. He has shown me how to adjust the bobbin tension myself now (partly to get rid of me I think!). Fingers crossed....


I'm hearing all that is going on in your world and thinking LA riots, I am so sorry about the unrest. I hope you and the lovely UK ladies are safe. Having that type of stress is so difficult and disturbing.

I agree commuting to work is tiring and it adds up. By the end of the week I really drag and I'm sure it has to do with the constant rat race to get here there and back on time....fully clothed and brain engaged!

Your Saturday outing sounds perfect, enjoy a nice break!

Hi Diane,

  I  am so sorry to hear about the  horrible things going on in your areas.I have been seeing it on tv news.My heart and prayers are going out for each of you. And the ones that have lost thier lives.So sad..Why,why, would anyone want to hurt innocent people? It seems the whole world is  getting in this shape.

  So proud your going to the Camden Market ..Hope you have lots of fun..look forward to seeing pictures of your great finds and enjoyment..

For low sewing mojo can I also suggest Project Runway, as prescribed by Cathe elsewhere on the forum - I am becoming totally addicted and it's a good laugh if nothing else.
It's amazing what Project Runway can do for the soul....haha!

I'm addicted that a bad thing ;)?
Well I dont know?hahahha.. Havent seen it.[poor ole grandma,hahahha].But tonight..I am going to check it out..and I will tell you girls what I think  of you watching it.hee hee.
hope you enjoy it Judy! x


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